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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arguing With Idiots

It's often been said since the dawning of the internet, that you should not argue with idiots. They just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience. And, that arguing on the internet is like winning the Special Olympics. You may win, but you're still a retard. I find that one sorta kinda offensive, because I don't consider the mentally disabled (oh my! a PC term!) to be retards. I considers retards to be tards. It is my most devout hope that this paragraph alone causes some liberal's head to explode. Consider it my contribution to the cause.

Most of the Conservatives that I have spoken with over the years say the main thing that just wears them down in to silence is the abject refusal to see reality and use logic that most Liberals use to silence any dissent. Evan Sayet, in a speech to the Heritage Foundation in 2007, was mentioning books that he said helped him understand the Liberal mind. He said that Robert Fulghum's "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten" was a huge epiphany for him. And I've spoken to this before. Liberals are people for which "UH UH!" screamed at the top of their voice is considered a valid rebuttal to anything a Conservative says. I also like Stephen Kruiser's spewing "RACIST! NAZI! HITLER!" anytime Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin are mentioned in the vacinity of a Lib. Damn, he is funny.

Liberal minds seemed to have stopped growing at say, age five. Think about talking to a child of that age, trying to make them see reason. Now think of the last time you tried to get a Liberal to see reason. It is EXACTLY like trying to argue with a child. Imagine trying to explain supply side economics to Nancy Legosi, crazy eyes pin-balling around her face, head shaking furiously while she has her fingers in her ears screaming LALALALALALA.

It's gotten to where most of us don't even try. We sneer at them, allow our utter disdain to show and go to the bar to get a G&T. Why bother?

I think the time has come to stop trying to get them to see reason. That will never happen. Nothing about their philosophy lends itself to reason or even self-preservation. Look at their attempts at Social Engineering. Michelle Obama has made herself a laughing-stock trying to tell us how to feed our children.

And that is another thing, not only are they immature, purile cry babies, they are hypocrites. They are the worst type of "Do as I say, and not as I do"... what? There are no synonyms for hypocrite. That can't be right, we English speakers are very facile with words, we love to have 80 bajillion words to say the same thing.

Anyway, my point, and I have one... We need to stop arguing with them. Simple ignore them as if they don't exist. Steamroll over them and continue on our way. Implement our agenda with no input whatsoever from them. Why would we need it? Do you consult your toddler before you bathe them and put them to bed? No, you do not. Why? Because you know what needs to be done and you do it. Despite tantrums, despite crying, screaming, stiffening of the body, going limp, and any other sort of passive/aggressive BS that they can think of.

Because we know what's best for them.

Can you see my evil grin yet?

1 comment:

deltasierra said...

Man, I can't agree with you more!

I've gotten to the point where I just start issuing a challenge to come up with an informed argument, either at their place (be it blog, comment field, or forum) or mine, and if they can't, I win the argument. And I leave it at that. Well, after a little taunting, maybe. ;)

I also use their childlike terms: "I triple-dog dare you!" Heh.

I've posted some political thoughts at (which has become largely Liberal, and should probably be renamed ""), and was subsequently flamed by the most childish, ignorant name-callers, who couldn't post anything more enlightening than "You're a stupid doodyhead!" (And I'm not really exaggerating, because one commentor posted a link to her article about "turdblossoms", who are, near as I could tell, anyone who disagreed with her ideals.)

It does kinda want to make me go "John Gault" on the world at large...