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Monday, February 21, 2011

Observations From The Free Market Side

I've been asked recently, by actual people who know me and read this blog, what I imagine in my fondest dreams of a free market economy. I thought about this constantly while watching Unions kill themselves in full public view this past weekend in Wisconsin. For one thing there would be no unions, no use for them whatsoever. If an employer decides to be a cheap bastard and try to pull something over on his employees, they could easily find work elsewhere if they were able and willing to think. And that employer would probably never ever again hire an able work force, causing his quality to go to crap, his customer base to vote with their feet and he would shortly be out of business.

See how my Utopia works? Competition is good and necessary to keep men on the straight and narrow.

Think about teachers, for instance. No public schooling, only private and parochial schools are available. Each school is in competition with each other so they have to provide quality educations or people will simply stop sending their children and their money to them. With no one to go whining to about how unfair it all is, they must daily prove to their customers, the parents, that they are teaching little Johnny not only how to read, but how to reason and think critically. If Johnny can't pass the college entrance exam, they should offer the parents their money back. Or, if their child is a profligate reprobate, the parents should tell him that the world needs ditch diggers, too, and kick him to the curb. Let him learn to sink or swim without the benefit of an education or thought.

Without ridiculous governmental interference and regulations, the costs of so many goods and services would be reduced, then true competition would begin. Each producer would have to, HAVE TO, provide decent goods or services that the consumer feels is worthy of the price they have paid. Why? Because there are always other fish in the sea that will try to do it better and cheaper and run rings around crony capitalists who have always depended on the government to hold back their competitors. Ask anyone at Boeing how they felt about Branson's team and the X-Prize. You get to see the real weasels then.

We don't need government interference in the markets or in trade. We just need them to keep us safe and sign the damned treaties. The size of government has exploded within the past 100 years into a Leviathan I don't think Hercules could have taken out in one of this Labors. Government has never had to produce anything but paper explaining why we should let them continue soaking the American Taxpayer for more money every year and stealing our freedoms and liberties one by one.

Also, you guys should read a book that has me cheering and growling in turns. The author has me exclaiming nearly every page one some outrage or something he's said I consider and outrage... only to tie it up very nicely at the end of the chapter and explain how things came about. It's called A Renegade History of the United States by Thaddeus Russell. You will love it. All I can say is that Pre-Revolutionary folk appear to be a lot like I am in their attitude towards drink and music. At some point I will have to meet him and apologize for calling him a racist mofo in the middle of the night this past weekend.

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