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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do Your Damned Job

To the less than sterling characters who inhabit Democrat party seats in the Wisconsin Senate, you were elected by your constituency to do a job. Get back to Wisconsin and do it.

Real, upstanding persons hired to do a job, do not get to keep that job when they run away from the duties they were chosen to perform. Get back to the State you have that job in and start doing it. Because the next election cycle, your Republican opponent is going to hammer away at the fact that you fled rather than do a tough job. Way to go, Sporty.

If you were to ask me what I think the most depraved type of person to be, I would have to say the man who gets a job, refuses to do it, then tells the person who hired him that he can't be fired for not doing that job. That is exactly what our politicians have been telling us for the past century... we can't get rid of them, they have the experience we need to get important legislation through? Important? Like a budget important?

Die in a fire you lying sacks of crap. Some will say I am a hardass for saying that in the way I said it, but you know what, those same "some" are all thinking it. That appears to be my mission here on earth, to say the stuff everyone one is thinking but no one is rude enough to give voice to. Yes, I ended a sentence on a preposition and the cosmos is still spinning about, expanding and expanding just like Obama's ego.

Now, each one of those Wisconsin State Senators who fled to Illinois to hide out at the local Flee Bag Hotel should lose their jobs. Every single last one of them. Hold a special election of say, two weeks, and hire someone else who will do the job the people who elected them sent them to the State House to do. Let this be a lesson to any other cowardly politicians out there who only with to cover their own asses and bases of power, rather than the right thing.

Take away both. Make it stick. Make it hurt. And keep it up until they all learn.

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