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Monday, February 07, 2011

I'm a Soldier In The War On Poverty

Now, you look at the title to this blog and wonder if I've gone totally off my knob and declared myself Empress of the Universe. Not quite yet. I've merely defined for you, Dear and Gentle Reader, how I view myself. My Id, if you will. The picture of a chick with a sword that I use for my avatar here is no coincidence. If many things remain unclear and unconnected to my brain, I am always very sure of one thing, and that is myself.

I loaded up my iPod with tons of the Funk and Soul that I feel is necessary to live. Billy Preston told me in "Will It Go Round In Circles?" that he's a soldier in the War on Poverty. As he's now dead I can only wonder what he meant by that lyric, but I have a pretty good idea based on black based political theory of the late 60's and early 70's. I should be, it was traipsed through my mother's "bungalow" as often as they could spark a doobie. I was weaned on radical progressive liberal theory. Which explains my utter disdain for it.

So... what exactly is a soldier on the war on poverty, if indeed such a battle exists? Yes it does, my friend, and I am a learned soldier. And, I propose we use their tactics to tie them in the knots they've used us to get them out of time and again throughout the millennia that looters have sought to steal the product of the rational mind.

We fight this war on so many fronts now. In the market place, which is so bogged down with regulations, price fixing and "anti-monopoly" crap. In the schools where we must fight to make them teach our children logic and critical thinking. Down to the neighborhood soccer game and the "nobody loses" mentality of the typical soccer mom. We fight, but we do so reluctantly, because we are told that altruism is the highest goal to which we can aspire.

Bullshit. Pure. Unadulterated. BULLSHIT.

We fight by showing that ability and productivity are what man should be judged by at the end of the day. Ability, unharnessed could bring us so much. I firmly believe that if we had totally unfettered markets we would be colonizing planets in our solar system already. If you can think it, it can be done. You just have to find someone who believes enough in your ability to financially back you. I think the X-Prize showed us all that investment based research gets you there faster than government grants and regulations.

Think. Just think for a moment what real competition would mean in the free market. Better and cheaper medicines and health care that all could afford.

In the War on Poverty we are NOT fighting capitalism. We are fighting that mindset that tells people they should be able to sit at home on their fat arses and watch TV all day and still live like a typical middle-class American with a real job, paying his taxes.

I'm fighting that war. Wanna join me? We need logical and rational people who expect to work hard for great reward. We need minds unwilling to give in to the looters. We are looking for you to lie down and refuse to produce for them. Refuse to pull them out of the deep pit they've spent the past hundred years digging.

Join me. We really do have cookies.

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