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Monday, February 07, 2011

Ignorant. It's A Word. Look It Up.

Both of my daughters have the aggravating habit of telling anyone who says anything they don't agree with "rude". Many people of their generation tend to do the same thing. This is from the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary. A dictonary is a very large book with words in it that we use to look up words with which we are unfamiliar.

Definition of RUDE
a : being in a rough or unfinished state : crude
b : natural, raw "rude cotton"
c : primitive, undeveloped "peasants use rude wooden plows — Jack Raymond"
d : simple, elemental
2 : lacking refinement or delicacy:
a : ignorant, unlearned
b : inelegant, uncouth
c : offensive in manner or action : discourteous
d : uncivilized, savage e : coarse, vulgar
3 : marked by or suggestive of lack of training or skill : inexperienced "rude workmanship"
4 : robust, sturdy "in rude health"
5 : occurring abruptly and disconcertingly "a rude awakening"

Now, I am not saying that I am never rude. To most people, my stark, honest observations make them uncomfortable so to them, I am rude. I can be inelegant, crude, and on a good Sunday, offensive. My grandmothers despaired of ever teaching me anything resembling elegance or refinement, however I can hold my own at any party given, from a political dinner to a hoedown at the local barn raising. I blend when I want.

Now, none of my children like that I always had a dictionary handy. They liked even less, the advent of the internet that put all of that lovely information at my fingertips. I love learning and knowledge. I put my brain to good use by collecting millions of bits and bytes of seemingly useless information and then putting my God Given Talent to use by picking out patterns. My mind is what the psychobabblists refer to a "pattern seeker", which pisses them off because I can usually figure out the pattern of any given "personality test" and give the "right answers". Dr Williams laughed every time I did this. She loved that my mind worked like that and ran me like a lab rat through her psych department in college. The abnormal psych professor only stated on one of my papers that he was glad I had a conscience and moral compass otherwise I'd be a sociopath. I shrug because he just doesn't get me. Very few do.

Now, I have made my children look up the definition of ignorant, so they would recognize it in the wild when they saw it. I am saddened to say, they never saw themselves in the definition. Ignorant is only lacking knowledge. I doesn't mean that you can't learn, it only means that you haven't learned.

So what do you call the man who can't learn?

A Progressive Liberal.

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