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Friday, January 07, 2011

Wherein Sev Finally Agrees With Rush

Causing human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

I nearly wrote this post while I had a few minutes between a very busy morning and what turned out to be a frustrating afternoon. Some of you may know it as "lunch".

Whilst in my car, driving, instead of just sitting and staring aimlessly at air molecules, as you do... I was actually listening to the words that Rush Limbaugh was saying. Yes, I have Rush on the radio, but usually I find his blather so annoying that I don't really listen. However, today he caught my attention with a less than infantile observation that coincides with one I've made here on my blog for the past year or so. It was my view that Liberals of all stripes are all in the practice of using Verbal Alchemy to try to change something we don't like into something we will accept.

You can call dog shit an ice cream cone, but that does not make it an ice cream cone. And ain't nobody gonna eat it. We need a graphic example of this, on world wide Embarrass-o-vision across the intarwebs. Exposure is always something that is welcome when dealing with the Liberals who shun the light of day like a nest of vampires.

Democrats and Liberals are the only people I can think of who think that by telling someone that they must provide a service free of charge is saving money. Yet, that is exactly how they purport that they are going to save $15 Billion in health care costs buried in that Legislative Abortion known as Obamacare. Yes, they will save money by telling doctors, hospitals and other health care providers that they will not be paid for their services.

I wonder if we can save even more by telling Boeing that and getting free planes for our military?

How long do they think they will have doctors practicing and hospitals operating when they have no money coming in? I don't think they have thought that far ahead. Dumbasses.

It's the ultimate mind-fuck, it really is. They tell all of their ballot cattle, "Look, we're giving you free medical care!" and they are telling us, "Pay up, Producers", while they tell the providers, "You're doing this for free."

I'm still waiting for the Moratorium on Brains. I'm no Eddie Willers. That's when I will take off for Galt's Gulch and nuke this country from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

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