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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Back To Work You Bums!

I was grousing this at myself this morning, starting back to real action after ignoring a nasty sinus infection for too long, then having it show that it would not be ignored by causing my hair to hurt. Let's just say that I have a healthy respect for listening to my body and I only have myself to blame for getting so sick.

I was lucky for being so ill in that I was able to watch the farce yesterday. I will admit, it was only out of morbid curiosity to see if Nancy Legosi would run away with Mjollnir, crying like a little girl who is about to lose her baby doll. That or she would cosh John Boehner over the head with it and start screaming about world domination. I was really wanting a WWE showdown in the House Well.

So we have new Republicans coming in, promising fiscal responsibility, rationality and reason in a town that has never had much use for those things. If they do stick to their guns, the Dem and Progressive Liberals, all, will have a very tough battle come 2012. I don't think even a Clinton could weather the crap that's rolling down hill from DC right now. To say that I don't have a lot of faith in politicians would be the most optimistic observation of my opinion on congress critters. To say that I distrust them and only hate them a little bit would also damning them with faint praise.

So, to the 112th Congress, you made many promises to many people. Keeping any number of them will be the sell job of the century. Want to make me happy? Start defunding all welfare programs, privatize Social Security, get rid of the Income Tax, enact a national sales tax, and abolish public schooling.

That will make a nice start for the next two years.

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