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Friday, January 14, 2011

On Re-Writing History

When we bought our present house and my husband forced me to choose books to keep and books to throw out (Sophie had no idea of choices, these were my beloved books!)He was about to chuck my copy of Huckleberry Finn that I still had from high school. I can't remember when we read it, but I remember ordering it from the company the school offered us to buy discount paperbacks that we were forced to read in English class.

I had read Huck Finn before, when I was nine, right after I read Tom Sawyer. I loved the books. They turned me on to Treasure Island, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase and so many other childhood adventure books. They fed my overactive imagination and my love of the written word. In spite of reading these unabridged books I never liked to use or even hear the word "nigger". I never ran off with pirates, or went to work in a Victorian poorhouse. I merely went on to the next book which could have been anything from The Bobbsey Twins to Nancy Drew. I read everything.

People are a little surprised over my lack of surprise or outrage about the tragedy in Arizona last weekend. I am saddened, but it's something that I knew to expect from some idiot based on the books I've read over the length of my life and by observing human beings for 45 years. It was as inevitable as heat in summer. Every time some Liberal Moron gets up and says that only Diversity can bring Unity hand them a thesaurus. If they can still read see if any lights come on.

Try as they might the Progressive Liberals have been unable to alchemize the word "nigger" or make it anything other than what it is, a nasty, ugly slur that was meant to demean human beings based on nothing more than the color of their skin. In other words, to keep them in their place.

Now, hipsters, kids and rap stars use it all the time. To quote a young woman who was smarter than she looked on TV years ago, "Just because you own something doesn't make it right," when asked about usage of the word in the black community.

So, since they cannot make it any more socially acceptable than saying the word gay, they have decided to expunge it from our books. They wait in hopes that it leaves our consciousness. Why? For the love of God, WHY?

Because it was their word. They used it on the slaves they fought a civil war to keep. A war they lost. It was supposed to keep the darkies in their place, in service always to the white man. Look what they've done to the black people. Democrats have worked tirelessly to keep blacks in projects, on welfare, as ballot cattle to only pay heed to during election years when they spewed meaningless promises about bettering their schools and lives, while holding them down, dependent on Massah for their survival. I think Katrina all taught us how destructive that mind set was to an entire race of human beings in our country.

Progressive Liberals are hoping that, since they couldn't change the meaning of the word through social engineering, that they will just wipe it away as if it never happened. Perhaps they can wipe away their institutional guilt of thinking they are better than everyone else and need them to keep us in our places.

History is written by the victors, you miserable wastes of skin. You've won nothing, usurped everything and will bring yourselves down while we expend no energy or capitol of our own. So get your editing pencils out, children. We're going to write a very sober chapter on Progressives during their century of hubris.

This ought to be interesting.

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