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Saturday, January 08, 2011

I was listening to this radio show yesterday when I somehow found myself agreeing with something Rush Limbaugh was saying. I'll tell you why that is, because, at the very basic truth of the last presidential election is the fact that Obama would never have even made it through the primary process, would never have been considered to be let run by the DNC if he was not black.

OK, bring it on. Call me a racist. Let me give you a snip of some very good logic I read recently:

"An individual with a genuine sense of self-esteem qua individual, who does not see himself as a cipher of a race or religion, is not bothered by the slurs. Amused, perhaps, and even indifferent. He will not think that he has been judged by a rational person, but by an irrational one. He may for a moment resent the appellation, but not dwell on it."

Thus is Logical, Rational Man.

But let's dissect this for a moment, shall we? Every single time minorities use Affirmative Action or quotas or anything other than their abilities to get over on someone, they are telling themselves and others that they can't do it, could never have done it unless the bar had been lowered enough for "their kind" to get over it. Women, I'm looking at you. If one of you cringing, whining "OMG Sexual Harassment" ninnies had tried to do something and asserted your grey cells instead of your sexuality, then perhaps we would have a healthier relationship between the sexes than now exists. The next whining college student I see on TV crying about how things are just so tough on them because there is no ebonics classes as their college... well, I know some people who would love to pop them a new asshole right between the running lights. And there would be nothing racially motivated about it. They would just be ridding you of something you're obviously not using anyway.

Why? Because you buy into the lie that you cannot get into college, stay in college, then get a job all because of the color of your skin, church attendance or sexual orientation. Of course it wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you spent more time in school crying about the Womens Studies classes not being feminized enough and trying to ruin anyone who pointed out what a useless git you were than actually attending class, but couldn't be flunked out because you were the right quota number that moment that you have absolutely no idea about the degree you were given instead of earning.

If any of these wastes of oxygen would forth even a quarter of the effort that they do trying to scam their way through college because they don't belong there anymore than any other indoctrinated monkey, they could easily coast at the top of the GPA wars. But they don't because it's easier to be and play the victim.

Now, take Obama. The man was in the Chicago Machine as soon as he got out of law school, became a community organizer, worked his way through short terms in various offices to get to the Senate seat he warmed for 5 minutes before he put his hat in the ring for president. And why would the DNC allow this? Because he was their annointed one, and they drank the liberal kool-aid that says that by saying something is actually something else that it becomes something else. Hey! I've been meaning to ask, if I tell my bank that $5 is actually my mortgage payment, will it fly? I mean, exactly how does this alchemy work? Do you have to know like, Harry Potter magic or can it be household magic? Come on, I think I've found a way to let millions keep their McMansions while keeping my own and still profit.

So it comes down to the fact that if Obama was not as Harry Reid said, an articulate black man, who was reasonably handsome and charismatic, we would be addressing another President Clinton and not swimming in the morass of bad legislation and lack of leadership we are currently. He made it because he bought into the Affirmative Action crap. He knows he shouldn't be president. We know he shouldn't be president. Now, we just have to make sure he isn't president after the next election.

I'd prefer one who actually respected our founding documents more than he does Title IX and the Campus Anarchist Feminists.


oasis724 said...

Wow, I'm not even black and I found this slightly offensive. You do realize this is 2011, right? Everyone rips on Obama and says he got elected because he's black. No, he got elected because he was the better choice. He didn't come from the "ghetto" and got a decent education and therefore, in my opinion, earned his spot. You can't possibly think that idiot we just had for 8 years did a better job, can you? It's easy to ride Obama's ass about the state of the country, but who put it in the condition it's in? You can't hand someone a piece of shit and expect a diamond overnight. And if you know so damn much, why aren't YOU the president?

Severine said...

I beg to differ with you, respectfully. Barry had no qualifications whatsoever to be elected president. Hilary had it all over him with experience. Which is why the things that happened in the Texas Primary happened.

The biggest piece of proof is by how many of the enlightened quickly decamped from their love of him as soon as it was exposed by how ignorant and inexperienced he is. Furthermore, the reason I am not president is because there will be no presidents when I take over this rock.

But there will be sweet logic such as you have never seen. Use the little bit of logic you have now and follow the line back to how Obama got elected and then you will see the why of it. Once you accept that you can easily accept why his administration is such a disaster.

oasis724 said...

I agree with you there...Hilary did have my vote at first, but then she dropped out. She is essentially a quitter, and therefore probably not the best choice. Too bad...I was really wanting to see what a woman could do with this mess of a country. As for the "little bit of logic" comment, I'll consider the source. I'd call you pompous or perhaps arrogant, but somehow I have a feeling that was your intent. You certainly have every right to say what you want how you want, but are you truly happy alienating others with different views? Just because someone has a different opinion, that doesn't mean they are any less of a person.

Severine said...

I have no problem with differing opinions. Just ask my husband. He is of the opinion I should stay home, bake cookies and wash baseboards. I'm of the opinion he should shoot himself in his useless head every time that thought occurs to him. We are both happy sitting down, having a cup of tea and letting it pass. Well, I am anyway.

I don't agree with A) your opinion that George W Bush was an idiot, I appreciate his business sense; or B) your opinion that Obama was qualified for the job he now holds.

To argue A, I will merely point out his success in the field of business. He achieved much and benefited many. Isn't that the standard used to measure men by your ilk? Then you should appreciate him more than anyone else in the world. He also made a profit while doing it, which is the measuring standard I use to judge people.

To argue B, I point to the fact that even with both houses of our federal legislature being in the same party the ONLY thing he got done in the first two years was the abortion of Obamacare, which nobody wanted and will probably be repealed. So, in essence he has done nothing but be more divisive that Dubya and put us further into a crippling deficit, that he tries to claim is Dubya's fault, instead of owning up to the fact that Keynesian Economics is a failure wherever it is tried.

As for alienating anyone, it is my belief that no one who doesn't agree with me in part, or in whole, on my guiding philosophy will read my little rants, so whether or not I alienate the odd Progressive Liberal that finds their way here is not something that is on my radar.

People who know me well know what I am about to say next. If you can prove me wrong, bring on the proof. However, if all you have are "feelings" and some inkling that I should be wrong, revisit your premise. I find when I do that where my logic went wrong. I know, very Aristotle of me, but I don't believe that anything good ever came out of waiting for a committee to judge anything.