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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Renaming Ceremony

I am going to petition the court to change my name. I shall be one of the One Name Wonders who proliferate the entertainment world. Like Cher, Charo and Madonna, I will only be known by my "given" name. I am changing my name to Cassandra. Because, like the Apollonic prophetess, I can accurately pinpoint and predict behavior and happenings, and no one, not even the people whose behavior and future I accurately predicted, believe me. I have had it on video and still been told I don't know what I'm talking about. No one likes an "I Told You So!"

Because, who the f$ck am I?

I'm Miss Freakin' Cleo, but I don't have to worry about being edged out of the Lotto because no one believes a word I say.

Perhaps there is something wrong with my delivery. I've often heard, "Well, yes, you did say that, but who wanted to hear it?" Exactly. Just because I didn't trim it out in flowery prose, you cannot accept the fact that I foresaw you being an utter asshat on this given topic.

Now, I am not prescient. I have no voice from Heaven telling me things. I merely observe and based on my observations make a viable hypothesis by which I believe certain people and events may turn. This used to be called science, but there was so much math involved and some inability to see what is right there in front of your face that people had to attribute such observations to some mystical entity or power. Seriously. Ask any gypsy how they tell fortunes, or palm and tarot card readers how they "divine the future". Better yet, watch The Amazing Randi in action.

Granted, I don't charge money or make wild predictions, I merely let my knowledge of the human being(s) to predict how they may react to any given situation in the current environment. I also use deductive reasoning and logic lead me to a likely answer and depend on my knowledge of the person or thing to come to a decision. I don't equivocate a whole lot. I depend on my judgment and so therefore I cannot doubt it. So I have to make sure logic has led me to any given opinion and not emotion. Emotions change, logic really doesn't.

Many things are made easy by simply knowing the different philosophies and how people think and you can usually, USUALLY, predict how they will react to any given situation. So you know when a Progressive Liberal is telling you to watch them pull a rabbit out of their ass, you know their other hand is reaching for your wallet. When a politician is saying "no new taxes" you know to hide all of your income in a country with no extradition laws and secretive banking rules.

We live in a day and age where Chicken Littles running around screaming that the sky is falling about everything with no knowledge of the facts, and to be precise, despite the evidence to the opposite of anything they espouse for their five minutes. They want to declare an emergency for every little thing that comes down the pike so that they can force their agenda forward, giving you no time to consider what may possibly be wrong with the picture.

Think about that the next time some politician comes to the public screaming that it's an emergency and we must do it NOW or life will cease to exist in this universe. Make them prove it before you decide yea or nay. They won't be able to.

I predict it.

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