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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

It's A Word. Look It Up!

What is "the word"? Certainly not the Nancy Legosi rambling obvious show of ignorance about her religion definition.

The word is, and please, be sure you're seated and have taken your blood pressure or angina meds...


Evidently, and as observed in my mother over 45 years, hippie generational types cannot bear the word. Sort of like the Knights Who Say Ni not being able to bear hearing the word "it". They recoil, shudder, some even begin crying like little three year olds denied a candy bar at the store.

I say it's high time our society learned to hear that word early and often. Yes, I'm also for spanking a child when they've done wrong, making them pay a penance for doing wrong and learning to apologize to the people they've hurt by their actions. I'm also all about not having a blind spot for people who share genetic material with me. Call me rational and sane, but it's stood me in good stead over the years.

Progressive Liberals, AKA The Temper Tantrum Throwing Three Year Olds, are trying to scrub the very word from our consciousness. They do not want to say the word to unions, ballot cattle, but are more than willing to say NO to anyone who produces the money they rob to give to said unions and ballot cattle. So they don't mind the word when it suits their purposes. Which explains why there are so many "hidden areas" of the Obamacare abortion.

Now, try saying No to them in any area of their vision of Utopia and you're a racist, bigoted, Nazi, islamophobe who makes the representation of the supposed Son of God cry. Then they throw themselves down on the floor, kick, scream and try to get their way.

I want to read carefully and learn. This has helped me more than once during my early childhood parenting years.

Slap them. Slap them until they stop. Then send them to their rooms until they can agree to be productive members of the family they purport to love so much. Do not stop doing it until they fall in to line. Once they are "out of the house" they may do as they like with their own money, etc., however they are to be shown, clearly and irrevocably that they cannot manipulate the people they are supposed to be representing. They do what we say or they lose the influence they so love to peddle. That is the true currency of the progressive liberal. Access and influence.

So try saying no in your life more often. Learn to listen carefully and apply that word to things you know are wrong or just flat our don't wish to participate in. It's kept my mother out of my life for over ten years. It won't make you popular, it won't save your life and it certainly won't make the grass any greener, but it works.

So Republicans are the Party of No? I say in response... And???

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