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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Deconstructing Legislation

Bill Whittle made an interesting observation about the repeal of Obamacare in a recent episode of Trifecta. He said, that everyone says that once it's done it can't be undone, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You set yourself up to lose if you accept that something can't be done. Thank God some of our most brilliant scientists didn't listen when they were told "It can't be done!"

Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that is made can be unmade. Be it your bed or Nancy Legosi's plastic surgery. Bad legislation can be unmade, bad bureaucracy can be unmade (and should be) and bad regulations can be unmade. Obamacare can be unmade, the People's State of Kalifornia can be unmade.

The behemoth, "You have to vote for it to find out what's in it" abortion of legislation that is Obamacare gives us new surprises nearly every single day with super-secret details and horrors (death panels anyone?) that affront us every way we turn. That nearly 3000 page steaming piece of crap can be undone with a simple paragraph, one piece of paper. So what keeps it from happening? Well, thanks to every single history and government teacher out there who said, "Yes, you can, but it will never happen because you can't get the votes", it never has.

Well, hide and watch Mr. Uninformed because it's going to happen. You just never figured people would get pissed off enough to stop listening to your abject stupidity and avid hope that we wouldn't undo what you've done. EVERYTHING CAN BE UNDONE. We've smashed atoms, buster, you can bet we'll smash you.

Call your legislators on the state and federal levels. Tell them that without a doubt, they take orders from their constituents, of which you are one, and this is what you want. Period. Do it or we get someone who will. November showed the politicos that we are waking up after a long sleep and remembering that we are a Constitutional Republic and our voted REPRESENTATIVES, people who represent our ideals, our morals, will do as WE say, not some plastic surgery experiment in San Francisco.

So for all of you entrenched elected officials, you CAN and will be ousted. Just ask former McLennan County District Attorney John Segrest. Always a Democrat office in our county, he coasted, refused to engage with the Republican challenger, and now Mr Abel Reyna is the new DA. I know and admire Abel, his entire family actually, but the moment he goes back to business as usual as Mr. Segrest practiced it, I will vote him out and support an attorney who realizes we need convictions and sentences in this county, not plea bargains that get recidivists back out on the streets and back in the system barely before they've left it. The political landscape started changing in this county shortly before I moved here. I'd like to think I had something to do with it, but I just kept speaking my mind and sticking to my guns, conservative, less government type folks were on my radar. Everyone else could pound sand as far as I was concerned. I merely "predicted" what would happen with runaway spending and taxing. Someone woke up and took me seriously. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

Call, write, email, and communicate YOUR desires for how our government should be to your representatives. They got so used to none of us saying anything, they stopped taking us seriously. This is putting them on notice, IGNORE US AT YOUR PERIL. Because my next suggestion is to try each elected official for any horrors visited upon us as a result of their legislation. It will get them to legislate less and only after much deliberation. And, I do like Eric Cantor's new rule suggestion of having to point out in the Constitution where it gives that person the power to do whatever it is they wish to do.

You can argue against any feel-good crap with logic and reason. Libs don't stand a chance. They wouldn't recognize either if it slapped them across their smug, stupid faces.

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