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Saturday, January 01, 2011

One New Year's Resolution

I don't do resolutions, as a rule. They are people fooling themselves that they really aren't lazy slobs. I have no intention to exercise more, I don't smoke, I drink in moderation (despite my lovely Foster Brooks imitation), and the only real vice I have is ignoring the world to read books only I like, which I know, already, I have no intention of giving up. In other words, I see nothing about myself that I dislike enough to change as a going concern.

However, this year I am going to make one. I resolve to put religion in it's proper perspective and call a spade a spade, especially when it is one. Religion has done more damage to the human race that war, famine and pestilence put together in all the eons of time combined in any and all universes and alternate realities.

Does this mean I don't believe in God? Whoa, Nelly. I most certainly do believe. However, I don't believe in religion. Religion is a man-made construct as a way to legislate morality. That, as millennia have shown us, cannot be done. It is used to hold people down and back and as a way to suppress freedom of thought and speech. In this world, somethings that have nothing at all to do with God are worshiped as a religion. Just look at progressive liberals, anyone who still adheres to Global Warming and Justin Bieber.

On this planet, over the thousands of years that homo sapiens has walked upright, we have worshiped many a useless thing or thought. It is without a doubt the most destructive force in the universe. I speak not of God, I speak of religion. Why? because humans are stupid and think that there is some "thing" that controls their lives, leaving them excused from any of their personal behavior. It's God's fault they are gay, serial rapists or Amway salesmen. No, buddy, that's all you. As a rule, we all know right from wrong, from about the age of seven on. You can call that instinctual or native intelligence. Think about it, how many times children will tell you something is wrong or not right. They know. We know. However we like to do some things we know are wrong, so what do we do? We rationalize to ourselves and justify to others our behavior. It's still lies, no matter what color you try to make it.

Humans have a bad habit of using religion to try to control people. Islam. Enough said. And what was it Doug Adams said? God came down and told us all to love each other and we nailed him to a cross for it. We do not have a stellar history of dealing with God issues. I think we should just shut up and try to live as we know is right and stop trying to control the lives of others.

I imagine that one day God is going to get pretty pissed off at all the horrors we perform in his name and do away with us all. As Porno for Pyros once sang, we'll make great pets.

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