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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Do They Really Not See?

I get asked this question quite a bit. Do "they" really not see that taxing the highest earners more kills jobs and the economy? Do "they" really not see that Social Security is the most immoral government welfare ever?

My answer is yes, they see it, but do they recognize it and accept it? No, they don't because it can't get inside that bubble in their brains that tells them that they are the most important bit of carbon in the Universe. Government must be all important because then they are important. If government is small and only taken out in the event of war or trade agreements then who are they? No, for their world to work, you must subjugate yourselves to their will so that they can tell you what to do while they do whatever the hell they want because they are the government and therefore "Very Important In the Scheme of Things".

So right now, you're probably sitting there and thinking to yourself, "Sev, who are 'they'?" As well you should. They are the Progressive Liberals who have been socially engineering our society since the early part of the last century so that they can remake our world into the great socialist utopia that Marx promised them, the Russians, Eastern Europe, Cuba, North Korea, Viet Nam and China.

Let's look at those places closely. Russia and Eastern Europe fell faster than a hooker on nickle night once the rest of the world followed the US and England and demanded real currency for purchases and refused to accept the made up Marx money. We were not willing to accept their need as payment for food and services. Fail.

Cuba is possibly in the worst shape of all nations stubbornly holding on the idea that you can enslave the most productive to service all of the shiftless pieces of crap in your society. I am still willing to find boats for a Reverse Mariel Boatlift wherein we give them all of our Californians, and members of Congress. Criminals and loons, just like they gave us back in the 80s.

North Korea. I have to add to this one that this past week, after certain events in North Korea, the Chinese held secret talks with South Korea wherein they stated they would support unification of Korea as long as they were no longer expected to support North Korea or their ecological nightmare of a country. I think that says it all. When China, one socialist nation, refuses to support another socialist nation that's hand writing on the wall, folks. Make no mistake, the Chinese have ALWAYS, ALWAYS been the biggest capitalists on the planet. They are the ultimate trade society. I never understood how communism appealed to anyone there. Read your history, then donate to people who write up leaflets about real history and send them over to China and Korea and Viet Nam. There may be tons of Asians, but they are all, to a man, the ultimate businessmen. I hold up the Japanese. Once you get past their xenophobia and are willing to negotiate aggressively for rights to trade, it's a golden opportunity for all involved.

Oh, Hong Kong!

Viet Nam has tried very hard since the mid-70s to come to terms with it's communism. Very early on it opened up to visitors, etc. However, who is going to visit a country where hundreds of thousands of our people died so they could live like animals? It's not a booming industry as they had hoped. As Margaret Thatcher wisely said, the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money.

Every communist nation has found that out early on. When you run out of the rich to rob blind, and to produce for you, you have nothing but lazy, shiftless mouths to feed, that you conditioned to believe that only YOU could feed them. As China found out, you MUST trade. You MUST produce.

Now, I want you to really see something, in the brouhaha of the Debt Commissions recent report. How is Social Security moral? You steal from the productive working people to pay for people who were too lazy or stupid to provide for their own retirement. How is that moral? Why are we allowing the government to use our tax dollars that WE work for to pay off political debts (Hello GE and SEIU, I'm looking at you) and why the hell are we expected to pay for other people's houses because of the virtue that we live within our means and pay for ours, even if it means eating macaroni and cheese several nights a week and brown bagging it for lunch? Where is the morality in penalizing your most productive to reward the bad actions of others?

When you can answer those questions, and then get very angry about it, then you know what needs to be done, and you will not have to gird your loins to do it. You will do it proudly. You will DEMAND they cut taxes, phase out social security, Medicare and Medicaid, Welfare, food stamps and the Income tax. Get rid of public schools where they teach the Nanny State mindset to your children.

Then get a blog.

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