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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

They Dont Get It... And Other Things You've Always Wondered About Liberals

There is a part in the novel Atlas Shrugged where Hank Rearden is confronted by his family, mother, brother and ex-wife he's refused to support. They are engaging him in a pointless conversation in order to keep him at home, but it reveals Rearden's emerging cognizance of exactly what they are. It was brought to mind to me today by watching the liberal democrats dance around their November loss. In my mind it probably went something like this:

John Boehner: We've won, and now we're going to undo a lot of your damage!
Nancy Legosi: Yes, you've won. Now, here is a list of your concessions to us.
John Boehner: We're the victors. You concede to us.
Nancy Legosi: No, you concede to us because we lost.
John Boehner: Ya know, Nance, I think all that Botox has begun to effect your mental faculties.
Nancy Legosi: It's a well known fact that you must capitulate to the people you conquer. It's right there in the new history textbooks going out to Ohio Schools next September.
John Boehner: Nancy, that has never happened in the entire history of the world. Not even in France.
Nancy Legosi: History is written by the victors...
John Boehner: And that would be us. Hand me Mjollnir and slowly back away from the Guyana Punch...
Nancy Legosi: The Hammer is MINE! One Hammer to rule them all!
John Boehner: Has anyone seen Jack Hannah with the tranq gun?

OK, children, settle down. We all know what really happens to the victors. We get the spoils and that big assed cartoon hammer. And pretty soon, Lil Boy Obama and Nancy Legosi are going to have to come to terms with reality. They are both Affirmative Action babies and it's really, RILLY showing.

In real life you don't get a trophy for losing. No one remember the guy who came in second or the Bronze Medal winner. There is no official title for The Next Fastest Guy on Roller Skates. The First Runner Up in the Miss America Pageant does not get to wear the tiara and sash. Ever.

Get this Nancy, Republicans don't have to do anything but stay conservative and die. We don't have to make nice. You sure as hell did not go out of your way to play nice when you played with Mjollnir. You can't make us do one damned thing, ma'am. And, it's about time you remembered you're from California, not DC.

So go home. Sit at a playground there in Hippie Hills, CA and watch the children play. You Libs are all about Darwinism and shit, right? Social Darwinism at it's best. Observe and learn, Lil Nancy. The big kid who beats up the other kid and takes his ball will not give it back voluntarily. The kids playing kickball will want to recognize a winner. And hopefully, by the time you're ready to run for office again, I'll have managed to get that God forsaken state you call home for voting purposes kicked out of My Country.

And I still won't concede a damned thing to you. Neither should Boehner.

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