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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Trouble With Liberals

I think that the Progressive Liberal mindset can be summed up in Whoopi Goldberg's interview with Bill O'Reilly last Tuesday.

GOLDBERG: Bill, do you think that the people in Pakistan, the people who live in Pakistan, the poor people, the people who don't have any say, you think they don't want help to help the West?
O'REILLY: A lot of them don't. The madrasa -- do you know what a madrasa is?
GOLDBERG: No, I don't.
O'REILLY: OK. Madrasa is a school that teaches Islamic jihad and there are madrasas all over the Muslim world. They teach 4 and 5-year-old kids to hate people.
GOLDBERG: Bill, that may be true --
O'REILLY: It is true.
GOLDBERG: It may be true. I can't prove it. You've clearly been --
O'REILLY: I can.
GOLDBERG: You've clearly been to them and I will take your word for it. But that does not change the fact that when you paint all Muslims with one brush, it's bad.

OK, she knows nothing about which she's speaking, she admits it, but she keeps right on going. This is the penultimate example of them expecting "NUH-UH!" to win the day for them. Textbook liberal derangement syndrome. NUH-UH!

"I don't know, but I won't let that in any way sway me from my conviction that you must be wrong because you don't agree with me and no proof you offer will suffice."

As I often say about my ex-husband, God himself could come down and point out how wrong he is and he would argue with God.

It is the adult version of putting your fingers in your ears and screaming LA LA LA LA LA at the top of your voice.

After that bit the interview devolved into Bill trying to point out very OBVIOUS facts to Goldberg who even refuses to see that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor to start WW2. Who the hell is that blind to reality? Evidently Ms. Goldberg.

So, my thanks today is for these Liberal Loons showing their true colors this past year. The blinders are off. Keep on showing your ignorance and stupidity and abject refusal to dwell on this plane of reality.

I certainly hope the rent is cheap in your reality.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Years ago this woman (we will give her the benefit of the doubt) was commenting on some view the pope had and said she didn't agree with the stand of "this pope" on such-and-such. Now I am not catholic and the pope was obviously taking a principalled stand, as he should. At the time I thought, I wonder how much ol' Whoopi has studied popes and their views?

Fast forward to 2010 and we find this 'woman' doesn't know what a madrasa is. Has she been living in a cave for the past ten years?