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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Does It Bother You So Much?

As I sat, watching numerous video clips of Milton Freidman on TV shows in the late 70s and 80s the other night, I realized something... Liberals simply cannot conceive of a world where the government doesn't wipe our asses. From Phil Donahue's sputtering because Friedman showed how regulation threatens business, rather than actually solving the problems it was created to solve to Obamacare in all of its horrible bureaucracy all you hear is one whiney bleeding heart liberal after another tell us that we all need to be sucking from the government teat.

The funniest thing was to see Donahue's liberal audience nearly wet their pants when Freidman suggests that the minimum wage is what is wrong with our inner city youth. They don't get it. He's the guy who first voiced the idea of school vouchers. He showed how governmental control ruined inner city schools. He never realized that it was the Progressive Liberal way of keeping their ballot cattle on the plantation. He shows how horribly parents abdicated their responsibility to let the bureaucrats raise their children.

Every time Milton Freidman suggested that de-regulation was the thing to do, liberals went apoplectic. "Don't you think..." they would start. Freidman always had the same reply, always cutting them short, "No I don't". And then he would follow up with glaring examples of how regulation has ruined what it was supposed to protect. My favorite part is Donahue bringing up Ralph Nader and his interference in the auto industry.

"Didn't regulation make cars safer?"

Freidman correctly points out that no, he it didn't. Regulation raised the price of cars, making people hang on to theirs longer, keeping dangerous, older cars on the road longer than they otherwise might be. In 1979 he was telling the government NOT to help Chrysler. He did not believe in "too big to fail". I wish he was still alive, and then I don't. I'm glad he is not here to see Obama and his merry band of DC idiots.

So the next time you hear some idiot opining about how wonderful it is to be enslaved to the government for everything in your life, ask them why the alternative is so anathema to them. There are two right answers. One is I'm too lazy to care for myself, so sucking on Momma Gubmint's teat is the way to go. And then the one you'll never hear.

"I hate myself, the world, and everything on it. I want it all to die."

The latter is the most honest and least admitted to.

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