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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ready, Steady, Go

There are few things you can do, publicly, that will garner the most outrage, short of farting loudly during a pause in an important speech, that you get you cut directly, than admitting that not only do you like the Tea Party ideals, but that you fully support them and plan on using those principles to vote in November.

In fact, the fart might get you actually giggles rather than gasps of disbelief and outrage. Of course, that could just be people trying not to inhale anywhere near you. I could be wrong.

In Texas we don't see it as much as others in the bastions of progressive liberalism like California, New York, Michigan and Illinois. Of course, down here, we tend to have a hunting season on liberals in Austin with no bag limit. As some transplanted, disenfranchised Peoples Republic of California have found out in the past 10 years. They spread everywhere, like a bacteria, trying to infect everyone with their mental disease of liberalism. Take Idaho. Please.

We're a few weeks away from possibly the most important mid-term election EVAR. We must be ready to win. Not only that, we must be ready to govern and lead by example and not merely be a retread of the failed politics of yesteryear. Every politician elected has run on the "I will not be just like everyone else!" and yet they are. Always. They become what they beheld and it never, ever bothers them. They know they are the abyss.

So now, on the eve of one of the biggest elections, we have to firmly determine what we are going to be and never deter from that road, despite the lures and enticements to look the other way or earn more filthy lucre and free junkets. Not just the politicians, the people. There are no free lunches. Just beware when the payment for any lunch is part of your soul.

Be ready. Walk steady. Go win.

Toldja I was a cheerleader.

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