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Sunday, October 03, 2010

My Teachable Moment

I play an online game wherein you have your kingdom, and, if you are of the inclination, you can war against your neighbors. All in the name of fun and sophomoric hijinks. Much like what I imagine being in a fraternity is like.

In my alliance a member asked if it was OK for her to take a resource from an unallied player. When I asked why she would do that her answer was, "I need the resources."

I know, those of you who regularly read my screed are thinking, "and she layeth the hand of Sev down upon her, thus fulfilling the prophecy." No. I know, shocking. But I, as Shirley Shirrod before me, say a teachable moment.

I proceeded to ask her if her need for the resource was greater than his and how was one to determine that. Everything ended in her need, her need, her need. So I told her that if she did choose to attack her neighbor, steal his field (yes, steal) that she would then be on her own, morally and militarily. But I also told her to not see it as taking from him, but giving to herself. In the vain prayer that she would see the error of her ways.

Crickets and cicadas could be heard chirping for miles.

This brain dead member of my alliance is such a glaring example of A) public school education and B) parents who have no moral compass passing on their idiocy to their half-wit children. She really saw nothing wrong from taking from another because she needed it and was too lazy to look any further for it. It is young people like this who dream of being on Reality TV and post things on YouTube that most of us wouldn't confess to our priests and can't understand why it would ever keep them from getting a job, even a McJob.

"So what if I posted pictures of the 6 guys I did in that bathroom at the club? I need this job!"

Such is the attitude of children today. I want it, therefore it is mine for the taking, not yours to delegate or something to be earned. Earning is beyond their scope of reality. The very idea that they might have to actually behave for anything never even whispers over their mental transom. Fit and tantrum throwing are the norm, rather than discouraged and frowned upon activities they have always been.

Your Honor, Exhibit A, Lisa Murkowski, Senator from the Great State of Alaska, recently relieved of her senate seat by the people's will in Alaska.

Your Honor, Exhibit B, Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida, recent Independent of Florida.

And I have a list here of like-minded crybabies from every walk of life.

People who think that their ambition gives them the right to whatever they desire, regardless of who is standing in their way.

Your honor, my last and best exhibit, Nancy Pelosi and her ego.

Thank you, and Good Night.

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