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Monday, October 04, 2010

Don't Take Out the Trash

This is the mess left by the "sparsely" attended One Nation Rally at the Mall in Washington.  A few weeks ago when Glenn Beck held his rally there, there were pictures all over about how clean the conservative Christians had left the place.  In fact, there was more trash at this one ProgLib hissy fit than in all of the Tea Party rallies held across the nation in the past year and a half, combined.

Yet, they are all about Going Green, renewable resources, love the polar bears and kids with beards.  As with all things ProgLib, they are all hypocrites.

Think about it, they have made messes from the dawn of man and expected others to clean them up.  The producers have always found it easier to just clean up, shut them up, than to say anything. WELL I AM SAYING SOMETHING!

We need to stop cleaning up after them.  Refuse to, fight not to, DON'T DO IT.  Let them drown in all of their messes, be it literal littering or Obamacare or Bail-Out after Bail-Out.  Let them drown.  Go completely Galt and don't even pick up a burger wrapper they throw down after their Save the Cows rally.  Don't do it.  Simply ignore it, much as you do your teenaged daughters bedroom when you need to open the door and have actually worked up the courage to do so.

This is completely indicative of how they are, how they think.  They will scream and throw a fit, make a terrible mess, then stomp off, leaving everyone else to pick up after them.  Don't even haul them back to do it.  Just don't do it yourself.

I am sick and tired of my Objectivist Brethern actually propping these idiots up.  They say that Going Galt is just a state of mind, you don't actually do it.  It's not really productive.  THAT'S THE FREAKIN' POINT!  Jesus Christ on a crutch, people.  That is the whole point of Galt's strike.

Think about how many times a day you clean up after some sniveling, screaming idiot who expects you to clean up their mess (right there you can see I've worked for lawyers).  See how just one day of not cleaning up after them effects their world.  Then keep right on doing NOTHING for them whatsoever.  Don't aid them in your destruction.

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