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Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's OK To Leave The Plantation

Mason Weaver, in his above named book, lit a fire in my mind, one that I have been trying to articulate for decades. Blacks may have physically left the plantations, but they have not mentally left them, thanks to the Democrats and liberals who have been desperate to get their slaves back on the plantation. In his recent interview with Left Exposed's Sonja Schmidt, he outlines how the black community in our country still cling fiercely to slave mentality, and how the liberals encourage it all the way down the pike.

I encourage all of my readers to watch the interview and I eagerly await the second half.

You have heard me refer to these folks as ballot cattle, nothing more than chattle for the Liberals to push around as they choose. Listening to Mr. Weaver it becomes abundantly clear that they are clearly inured. They are like the character Cypher in the movie The Matrix. He is willing to be placed back inside the matrix to provide power for the machines in return for selling out the rest of the humans who yearn to live free. On the plantation these people were called sell outs. Today the libs use that term instead of Uncle Tom since Zo let them in on the concept of Uncle Tom's virtue for refusing to whip another slave. They couldn't be bothered to read a bill much less an entire book, come on!

I have been screaming at people since I was a teenager to wake the hell up and see that they were holding the hand that was holding them down. It was so bloody obvious to me. I think this is most clearly illustrated in his final comments at the end of the first segment. People in Nawlins. They are facing a 20 foot wall of water ready to wipe them out. A week before it hits their governor is telling them to get out. A couple of days before their mayor is telling them to get out. But they sat, waiting for Master to come get them out. They didn't get out and it's Master's fault for not saving them. This is their mindset. This is what holds them back. The Libs, Master, supply them with welfare, medicaid/medicare, food stamps, public housing of despair... why should they do anything for themselves. Master will tell them where to go and what to do and they are responsible for nothing in their lives. THAT IS THE PLANTATION!

Now for those of you going "Ah, Sev, you hate blacks!" that could not be further from the truth. I want people, all people, to be free to make their own decisions, to provide for themselves and to have the pride that providing and producing give an individual who takes care of him or herself. It is that love of freedom, mental and physical, that urges me to prod people into thinking about their circumstance and seeing a better way, if not always an easier way. Ours is not the easy way, because we appreciate working for what we want, knowing we will appreciate it more.

Think about this for a moment. Who appreciates freedom more, the man who had to fight for it, or the person who has had it handed to him?

Leave the plantation, my friends. Enjoy true freedom. As George Clinton said, free your mind and your ass will follow.

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