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Friday, November 05, 2010


I've been working like a House Elf the past few weeks, with precious little time off. I have to say that the people I work with are great about my grousing. It could be because we were all doing it at this point, but we finally got a weekend off... yay. I was supposed to spend the weekend with girlfriends from high school however, things happened and put a huge kink in our plans. But it's for the best, as the reschedule will enable us to get the hotel we wanted. It's also great because I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with anthrax or the plague.

Anyhoo, between work and the election Ive been busier that the town gossip with the latest scoop. I was disappointed in The People's Republic of California. Also Nevada, but that can wait. What cannot wait is the ouster of The People's Republic of California from our Union. If we can accept a state into the Union, I am sure that there are measures for if we ever needed to kick one out. This isn't about them wanting to leave the Union, it's us getting sick and tired of their expensive and illegal ways and US having to foot the bill for it all.

Think about it, no longer having to send heaps of money to California to support their liberal agenda. Boot them out of the Union and let them figure out how to pay for all of their socialism and illegal aliens. Get off MY back!

I'll find a way to do it if it hairlips the Pope.

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