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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Down To Two Days Until...

I have just listened to Ambassador John Bolton speak at a fund raiser for a candidate for the House in the People's Republic of California. It was perhaps the most coherent summary of current foreign affairs that I have yet heard. He also crystallized a thought that has been running through my head for weeks now, that I have been unable to adequately articulate. If you think those are big words, wait until I get going. You must be over 18 to read this as it deals, intimately, with my life-long slobbering love affair with language.

Ambassador Bolton made a point that is so clear that I'm so angry at myself for not seeing it in its entirety until he mentioned it. The Blue-Dogs and RINOs that are running in this election are useless. Think about it for a moment... what sort of clout do they have to confer influence on any given topic in Congress? They stand for everything and nothing in their staunch refusal to be removed from the middle of the road. They have no influence with the Loony Left. They have lost all credibility with the Conservatives. So why allow them to keep their ineffectual offices for juice they don't have?


I'm not going to tell you who to vote for. If you read this blog regularly, we already know which side of the road you chose. Vote for the person you believe will be best at forwarding the agenda you follow. Don't just vote for them, talk to others about them and your ideas. Help people get out to vote. Help make a difference, because it feels much better than knowing you sat on the couch, watching poll returns, grousing and complaining about a government you refuse to change.

Also, think about this for a moment. When presidents are doing as horribly as Obama is at this stage in their presidency, (and lets face it, you have to go back to the Carter administration to see that bad of a president) they tend to look away from the country that despises them so that they can then meddle in international affairs. That would be a disaster for our country. Obama has kowtowed, bowed, and bent over for every nation out there, including Iran. Just how likely do you think the crazed Iranian fundamentalist regime will be to stay their hands on attacking Israel, our ally, with nukes? How long before we abandon them and bend over some Iranian table to take it up the tailpipe hard with no lube because we really do hate our wives?

Thank about that as you pull your levers on Tuesday. Because, despite popular rhetoric, Islamofascists don't think there is always time for lube.

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