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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indefensive Public Education

In the movie Waiting For Superman the film makers take an in-depth look at No Child Left Untested. I've never been a big fan of public education. I've always considered myself education despite a public school education. I spent most of my school years, unchallenged, bored, and passed because I read incessantly. I spoke well because I read books far beyond what other children my age read. I knew what looked right because I read a lot. And yet, I could not diagram a sentence if you put a gun to my head until I was 16 and a teacher figured I should know grammar.

I come a family of readers. Everyone around me read books. I was a spontaneous reader at age three. I can clearly remember sitting on my father's lap and sounding out words in the newspaper to him and how it delighted him to have such a smart child. I only continued because I was encouraged. To this day I think the only reason my husband got me a Kindle was because we simply have no where left to put any books that would not cause a fire hazard. As I get ebooks I donate to my local library. What they won't take should make a nice donation to the local used book seller.

And I look at children today who would be hard put to make out the simplistic words to a Dick and Jane story in high school.

Which is why I am on a crusade to end public schooling. Stuff your outrage. Think of the money you will save on not having to pay school taxes alone. Think of how you could suddenly afford a nice vacation, or improvements to your home. Think of how one spouse might be able to quit their job or go part-time and teach the kids at home. Teach your values to your children.

I know, some of you are sitting there thinking "But school is day care!" Yeah, parents like you are the reason I hold this crusade. I am the Joan of Arc of your useless universe. Hire tutors with your new found profit. Surely you can't use ALL that money on pedicures.

Classical education worked. Classical education is important as it teaches language, logic and critical thinking. Kids these days wouldn't know how to make up their reasoning behind any decision they make, much less be able to defend their position if their lives depended on it. Their entire education of defending their position is the "UH-HUH!!!" school of playground logic. This has brought on the brilliant public discourse we are delighted with daily via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

You can hire tutors that can teach your children in the areas you are not strong. This ensures that only people who are teachers because they love it are on the job and no unions are involved. Consider it Social Darwinism. And aren't the Libs all about Darwin and $hit? Trust me, get me into and argumentum ads whateverum with a ProgLib on that subject and tears and spittle will flow like a river. I don't ever allow "UH-UH!" as an argument. Argumentum ad hominem is not an argument. And I will make you recheck your premise.

So think about it. Seriously, sit down, like I did, and do the math. Consider not only the savings in school taxes, but the nickle and dime stuff you outlay each year. Consider the taxes saved in getting rid of ever single useless, bloated government job needed to run the useless, bloated school districts, state education boards, NEA, etc.

And then do it for the children.

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Trina said...

cGood One.. I enjoy reading your thoughts on the many many different topics your expound on