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Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's Outside Your Window?

When my husband brought me to the house we would eventually buy four years ago, I was sold by the landscaping in the back yard. The former owners were wise enough to break up the yard into several different gardens. They did this before they had to move to Houston for family reasons and put this house on the market. Even so, the grounds were in excellent order when we saw it in the summer of 2006 and I fell in love.

I realized at the time that the house had a sun room attached, as many do in this neighborhood, but did not pay it much attention when looking through the interior of the house or even after we moved in and it because the brilliant area for our home office. I get to look out my windows and see my stamp on the yard, the trees we've removed, the new ones we've planted, the flowers, and the slow reshaping of what was into what I envision and desire. It has become my favorite room, even in the heat of full summer when I wish we could darken the windows.

I love to sit here and watch my butterfly garden thrive and bloom and do exactly what I wanted it to do, attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. I enjoy watching the mockingbirds and cardinals play in my crepe myrtles, and my cat sit underneath them, waiting...

As I thought of this, this evening, enjoying my Sunday dinner out here, I realized that I've spent a good deal of my life observing. I've enjoyed observing the political arena the best. It comes to me now that we might be better served by electing other observers rather than smiling, ingratiating politicos. Observers would be aware that you cannot create a Utopia, and that such a thing can never exist. No amount of regulating will ever change the fact that there will always be haves and have-nots. You cannot change human nature by fiat. Please, Dear God, Nancy Legosi, learn that lesson before you head back to Frisco and ignominy.

Aristotle explained a bit of logic by saying that A is A. Calling it B will never change the fact that it is A. Putting perfume on a pig may make it smell better but it's still a pig. It is what it is. Human nature is what it is. Instead of making excuses for the shiftless, ignore them. Trust me, they will go away. And with their lack of success, your God Darwin comes in to play, and through natural selection, they will be bred out of existence. No amount of eugenics will bring about your dystopia, so Margaret Sanger is no hero of mine. I'm a free market kinda gal, I say let the market decide. If folks want to buy your brand of bullshit, then it wins. Let's just say I'm not buying any stock in unicorns farts right now.

As I look outside and I see a Blue Jay pick off a lazy, sated dragonfly, I have not great compulsion to go start an organization to save the green dragonflies of Waco and try to entice the blue jays to another part of town where they can eat flies instead. I like nature. I like survival of the fittest. I like the strong surviving because they are strong and able. That Blue Jay received no handout from Obama. The dragonfly's family will not get any greater welfare payment for his being eaten. No marches on DC for him or those like him.

You don't see mediocrity outside your window. We should try to make sure we don't see it anywhere.

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