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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why I'm a Blogging, Deranged Moonbat

I would like to thank Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post for finally sticking an accurate tag on my blogging activities.

Moonbat... I love that term.

I also love the phrase batshit insane. Because it describes the left to a tee.

This is the problem that old, tired and entrenched journolistas have with modern day blogging. The truth may actually get out if they are not the gatekeepers of the message. How can you stay on message when so many messages are out there? The subtext being, that we, the American Public, are too freakin stupid to see how things really are, rise up, and smack them back to the Stone Age where they long to exist.

The Left say they are all about betterment and building and growth, but everything they do leads towards depression, destruction, and doom. It basically comes from the human ability to fool oneself into believing that we are not destroying ourselves. The ability to really believe that if you call it something else, it becomes something else is so firmly entrenched in their psyches, it's sad to say, that the only way to destroy that horror forever is to destroy them completely.

If people like me, who are fed up with the double-think and double speak, write about it on the web, we're deranged moonbats. But if someone like does it, they are movement heroes. Right?

Freedom of speech is for everyone you deranged bitch, not just the folks who say what you like hearing.

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