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Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Ain't Goin Out Like That

I've spent my weekend doing housework and several much-put-off projects around the house (Still have to do the heavy duty vacuuming, but it's too damned hot) and with the ear buds in, and several brilliant pod-casts and the best 90's Alternative music (with some funk thrown in for a "what the hell?" attitude) my brain was left to percolate, simmer and finally present my consciousness with some keen observations and perhaps, dare I say it, conclusions as to what must be done.

First and foremost, we must not fight the Left. At all. I'm sick and tired of watching Glenn Beck get all teary eyed at how tired those on the right are of fighting the big Left machine. Well, stop. We almost have them, thanks to RINO complacency, apathy and outright ass kissing. They are destroying themselves and all we have to do is nothing. NOTHING. Not one damned thing. At all.

See, this is why I get all frothy mouthed when I see folks from the California based Ayn Rand Institute (I know, the irony kills me, too) get up and talk about Objectivist values and how we just need to ride it out then we can build our brilliant mansion on the hill.

You guys are pussies. Yes, I mean that for even people I respect within the Institute, like Yaron Brook and Tom Bowden. Have you guys listened to yourselves lately? Where the hell is the John Galt within you? We cannot and will not see the end of them until they are allowed to bring the culmination of their policies to fruition and drink from the bitter cup of fully realized dreams and then have the rioting masses do what they never managed to do themselves, although it was their most secret desire, and that is destroy them finally.

Here it guys, reality, straight up, no chaser. Even if we win in November, and get both houses back, even if we win in '12 and get the presidency, they will be back. Why? How? Because the true believers with their asylum will bring them back with more promises of entitlement and hand outs. This always appeals to the shiftless pieces of dung they depend on as ballot cattle.

What must happen is that we step aside, stop fighting them, and say "OK, have it your way." At that point we withdraw and let them go to hell in the express elevator they've been building for over 100 years. Will everything crumble? Most probably, yes. Will there be anarchy? Oh yeah, pretty sure about that. Will there be anything let to build from? I hope not. I would not one germ of their failed philosophy and policies to germinate in the new age of ability. As we've witnessed over a century, the virulence of their "The world owes you everything" philosophy is more dangerous than the HIV epidemic in Africa.

We have to let them play their game out to it's end, let it all come to dust, so that never again, when their ilk speak out, will anyone allow them to live. We have to show the world exactly what happens when you allow them any ground. The only way to do that is to let them burn it all down.

Then we rebuild from the ashes. In our image. Because I've seen their way, and I, for one, refuse to go out like that. I want to live, I want to excel. I am kryptonite to the Progressive Liberal. And, yes, I do plan to not just weaken them, but end them, fully and completely. And I plan on looking fabulous while doing it. I am hoping for that whole Winged Nike thing... what do you think? Is it me?

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