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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Things That Make My Jaw Clench

We all have pet peeves. Some of us have a laundry list of them. There are a few things that really, truly make me grind my teeth.

I hate people who say should/could/would OF instead of should/could/would HAVE. You're not making sense, moron, go back to grade school and learn the language you speak.

People who say "I could care less!" Really? So you do have some feelings there. The proper phrase, you ignorant fuck, is "I couldn't care less" indicating that you have reach the absolute bottom of apathy for the subject.

People who ride their brakes.

People who ride their brakes and then stop, inexplicably for absolutely NOTHING and hold up traffic on a very narrow two lane road while they try to get their bearings... in the middle of no where.

People who talk on their cell phones and drive and then look at you like you're a registered sex offender wearing the scarlet letter when they wander into your lane, very nearly hitting YOU.

I hate anyone who says ax or aight instead of ask or allright.

White people trying to be street or talk like they just crawled out of the warehousing projects in the ghetto.

Baby daddys.

Baby mommas.

Progressive Liberals.

Anyone who thinks soccer is a children's game, and refuses to learn anything about it. I damn you to the Chinese Hell of playing Parchesi for eternity. Now THERE is a children's game.

People who think you are mean and evil because you think they should work for a living to earn money instead of stealing mine.

Rap music listening women who then get upset when someone refers to them as a "ho". Seriously, the irony kills me.

People who send me emails or respond to my posts online telling me that I just need to think it through. Trust me, Skippy. I don't knee-jerk any opinion. I honestly, truly love to understand that which I hate. Up to and including you. And I'm wickedly good at research.

What chaps your ass? Let me know.


Kelly Wright said...

Liars chap my ass. The pathological ones who lie about everything from taking the trash out to taking the kid for a follow up at the doctor. If you're going to lie - at least tell a friggin whopper!

People who say they're going to do something and don't - over & over again.

Oh there's lots more, but I TRY hard these days to be more on the positive. I do love your jaw-clenchers though - have a visual for each one!

Revnant Dream said...

1) Rats at work watching you instead of doing thier job.
2) Tailgaters
3) Canadian Easteners
4) When asking for an extra large coffee, instead getting it half full.
4) Everytime I turn on the TV, & see Obama again & again, again on every channel!
5) Anti-Smoking crusaders
6) People whop don't like to talk about others , endlessly doing so
7) Self Rightious Christians, or anybody. Ever hear of Grace?
8) Enviromentalist who are making our lives a hell, day by day
9) TV shows that are 40 minites of commercials.
10) The lying MSM

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