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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Drunken Blogging... Oh Come On! Like You Never Did!

Tonight at dinner, I was left with a rather bold choice. Tepid steak or... Tepid steak with Chianti! I chose, as is usual for me, the Italian beverage option.

I've found that perhaps it is best to write things out when you're slightly tipsy, which is all I could ever get on a bottle of bad Italian chianti, than to say, post something outrageously stupid while perfectly sober. You know, just write it down, vent your spleen and move the fuck on. Excuse my French.

I wonder if it's trite to get hiccups while drinking chianti. What a stupid thought. Do you need a question mark on the end of the first sentence or is it merely declarative? I don't know. I only have a nodding aquatinance with English grammar. Which is so fucking fucked up, because you have rules and no one follows them... It's kind of like congress, right? Because lets face it, Nacy legosi aint getting elected anywhere but where they grow alot of the grape, right?

I could never get drunk enough off wine to vote for a Democrat, especially a CA Dem.

How do you punctuate again?

Crap, I cant find the any key.

Have you ever wondered if you could really tickle a person to pee themselves? I have.. and let me tell you, I have plans.

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