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Friday, August 06, 2010

Being Honest

Many of you readers write me and ask why I don't run for office, or ask when I am going to run. Short answer, I won't. Ever. I'm not a politician. I'm not good at telling people what they want to hear or what they are comfortable with. I say exactly what I mean, unless I'm playing with you, then I'm saying what I mean, but in such a way as to make you unsure if you didn't pass vocab tests in grade school.

Would I like to run things? Oh hells yeah! I would love to get my hands on this country for four years. You wants transformation? I'd give it to you, and none of that weaning people off entitlements. Your feet had better be ready to hit the ground running because I would rip DC up like a final notice. My campaign slogan would be "STFU and Get To Work".

In other words, I'm too mean to ever be elected into office if I was completely honest about my aims.

In the past month I have been called racist, un-American, neanderthal, stupid, moronic, heretic, xenophobic and my personal favorite... Mom. And to all of those who called me those things I say, within the sphere of your understanding, you are correct. Because I must be honest.

If being racist means I don't believe in victimization and identity politics, then yes, I am racist. If being racist means I don't believe that you are entitled to anything you don't earn yourself, then, again, I am racist.

If being un-American means that you think the Stimulus package, all of them, were the worst ideas on a long list of bad ideas, then I am un-American. If being against Obamacare's enforced slavery of doctors and nurses means I am un-American, sign me up. I'm all about that, then.

You get what I'm saying here. I'm willing to accept those appellations, however, the people saying those things must then be willing to accept my assessment of their mental skills. It takes no intellectual gymnastics to find the holes in all of the Progressive Liberals policies and social engineering theories. You don't have to be a genius to just look around you and see the disastrous results of their public policies and see the harm their social engineering has done to our country.

So, I'll 'fess up. Sure, I'm all those things. If you only look at them from a limited point of view. Because I am all about what's best for me. If you were smart, you'd realize that's probably the best thing in the world.

Later today... Why selfishness is a good thing and even moral!

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