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Sunday, August 01, 2010

More Dangerous Than Al Quaida

You betcha that!

The Libs are right, via Janet Napolitano, TEA Partiers are more dangerous than Al Quaida. And, we can do it non-violently. Why? Because we can do more to affect change in our country and we don't have to fly jets into buildings to get it done. What's even more hilarious? We are already doing it.

Breitbart, PJTV? They shone a bright light on this "astro-turf" group and people reacted. But, not in the way the Libs thought they would. The True Believers could not possibly believe that the people they'd taught and socially engineered for over 45 years, could possibly get ticked off over being robbed of the money they were earning.

What is a True Believer?

A True Believer is a term coined by Lamar Keene back in the 70s (Wikipedia is a tool, use it) sometime in a book he wrote that we had to read for General Psych in college. According to Wikipedia it is defined as "the term used to refer to people who continued to believe in a paranormal event or phenomenon even after it had been proven to have been staged".

People who are True Believers are anyone who thinks that David Copperfield is a real "magician" and Greenies who still use the "energy crisis" of the 70s when it's been proved time and again to be a construct of the oil companies for profit. Yes, they can be greedy. Wanting something for nothing. Ruining the economy to buy one more limo or yacht.

For our purposes True Believer is used for anyone who is of a Progressive Liberal persuasion who honestly, truly thinks that Robin Hood and Karl Marx were good guys. Re-distribution of wealth is never a good idea. Anyone who tells you any different should be shot on sight. You know Kill On Sight... KOS, wait a second here... Daily KOS? Aren't they a lib site? I think, again, I am on to something. anyway.. True Believers.

True Believers are any union employee. Anyone who honestly thinks that welfare is a good thing, Democrats, most Republicans, and anyone who bought the steaming pile of crap that was Anthropogenic Global Warming. This would also explain anyone who still goes to see Oliver Stone movies.

So I'm a badder bad ass than UBL. Let my kids tell me I'm not cool now!

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