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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Am A Heretic... But, Which Kind?

Intelligent Design. What is it? What does it do? What does it say?

Basically it says that things can only have come in to being if someone was smart enough to think it into existence... someone like God.

Do I have a problem with God creating the universe? Hell no. In fact, I think He did just that. What's the difference between me and ID Adherents? I don't try to pass my religion off as science... wait, that puts ID Adherents and Anthropomorphic Global Warming Pussies in the SAME BOAT!

Damn, I may be on to something. But then again, remember please, that I believe the explanation for the CMB matter dispersal is a 20 sided tesseract. However, I have a much better chance of proving my theory than do the ID guys or the AGW bed-wetters. Besides, it's just a theory. I've got a million of them.

Since I actually went to school and learned about science, and since I also actually went to church, was confirmed, and learned about God, I feel that I can look at science and religion and realize they are not mutually exclusive. Neither do I try to cobble them together like some mad genetic scientist or derivatives splicer.Both lots are nutters and have cost the world untold millions of dollars and lives.

Let me tell you how this all started. Some progressive liberal scientist decided he has some whacked out theory while tripping out with Timothy Leary in the 60s and figured that you no longer had to prove your theories any more in science, I mean, data is suggestive right? Just matters how you massage said data to get the preconceived results and it really doesn't matter if they're wrong. You'll be king for as long as they show you're right. Just ask Michael Mann how long he held a death grip on that hockey stick. Hell, Al Gore still can't put it down and everyone knows what a phoney he is.

These people have bastardized science and harmed it in ways they can't even see yet. But I saw it. I saw it nearly 20 years ago during bull sessions with colleagues. These sessions clearly showed me that the people I had gone to school with and worked with had the ethics of a Tammany Hall Ward Heeler. All they saw was reaping in tons of grant money without actually doing anything, much less research, to prove the hypothesis they had used to beg for the money. These were the people I was in competition with for lab time and grant money.

These are the types that brought you Global Warming, Stock Dirivitives, and Intelligent Design. Hey, Ben Stein even made a movie about it. Which may explain why I stopped listening to his financial advice some years ago.

I'm not going to tell you how to believe, you will believe how you wish. However, I won't piss down your neck and tell you it's raining. OK? If any of these hair brained "theories" stood a snow balls chance in hell of getting a listen by anyone respected within the scientific community, then perhaps I might stop by, on my busy way through my life, and listen to their twaddle. But the fact that I recognize it for twaddle immediately upon reading the first sentence of their mission statements tells me, by reason and logic and all of those subversive thoughts Aristotle helped me form in my head, that they are not to be taken seriously and that I can now put them on the shelf along with my snake oil and 8 Ball.

But you have to admit, Stein's explanation of Reaganomnics in Ferris Buellar's Day off was classic.

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