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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Michelle Obama's Let Them Eat Cake Tour

It appears that Michelle Obama is the reincarnation of that most excellent Austrian princess and French queen, Marie-Antoinette. What could throw more gasoline on to the already burning fires of American wrath, than to take a multi-million dollar, American Tax Dollars at that, to Spain with forty of her "closest friends" so she could play Lady Bountiful while visiting the King and Queen of Spain?

She says she planned the trip to visit with a friend who lost her father in the past year. Pick up a phone, Skype, go to her freakin house. You don't use the money we Americans earned to go live it up on the sunny Spanish shores.

I don't know about you, but I don't have the time or money to take a vacation this summer. Thanks to our wonderful president's fantastic financial prowess, no one dares to spend one unnecessary dime because we know we will need them all when it all comes crashing down around their progressive asses. What I can't wrap my head around is the fact that the Obamas and their handlers are apparently so blind and tone deaf that Helen Keller would despair of them ever learning any lesson.

For the love of God, Dear Idiots in DC, get your heads out of your asses long enough to see the real America. The real America where most of the people are now living paycheck to paycheck and aren't even pretending that they aren't in financial free fall. I live in a small neighborhood. In nearly every home (except those of retirees, and we have quite a few of those) there is unemployment of at least one breadwinner. Too bad there simply are no jobs out there unless you're a nurse or truck driver.

Do you think the Obamas have ever had to make up a grocery list and wondered how far they could stretch macaroni and cheese? Do you think they ever had to worry about buying all the new clothes kids need for school? What about school supplies? What about having to face the fear that the pets cost too much and dreading a trip to the local shelter? (Don't even get me started on what I hear from friends who volunteer at the ones around here.)

The Obamas have been sucking off the Public Teat their entire lives. They knew that their political cronies would make sure their needs were seen to in an elaborate manner, or is that manor? They can't imagine what it's like for real people living real lives where you can be fired from your job and face the reality of not being able to find another one.

They do not know the worry of not being able to meet their mortgage or make a car payment because some medical emergency came up. They don't know the soul killing worry that comes from worrying about how you're going to feed your kids. They have no idea what most American families are now facing as "real life".

Obama has a freakin birthday "week". Jesus Palamino! I don't even know if Bush has a birthday much less when it is or celebrate it.

Michelle wings off to Spain on Airforce 2 for a week in a high dollar hotel in Spain with her closest friends to play lady of the American Manor.

It's ridiculous and I am getting my pitchfork and torch ready.

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