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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ballot Cattle

I have to thank Alfonzo Rachel and his speech at the press club this past week for my title today. It has been the one that I have searched for to describe how the Left feel about the "disenfranchised" they propose to love so much. He said, and I hope he does not mind me quoting him here, but it was profound enough for it to compel me to repeat it here:

We are the ones who broke the shackles off our minds and they hate us for it.

Zo, my man, you distilled Atlas Shrugged into one sentence. I love you man.

He said this about why the NAACP and the Left hate conservative blacks so much. I had watched the full press conference at Breitbart yesterday, but had evidently missed Zo's part before the white woman leftist reporter tried taking them to task for not towing the progressive party line. Let me just say that she got taken to school fairly quickly and conclusively and showed, quite blatantly (not that I think they are even trying to hide it anymore) how very racist progressive liberalism really is.

This is the point I am trying to make to anyone who drifts along the bubbly creek of identity politics or have one point that you decide who you vote for with. Identity Politics is about as ugly as slavery when you look at the underside of it. It's like the point I tried to make about the left's love of immigrants. They wont have one in their house unless it's a maid, nanny or gardener, and they make damned sure that's what they stay. Why? Because once one immigrant/minority begins to better themselves they quickly realize how badly they've been lied to and begin to hate the people who lied to them for so long and stop voting for them.

Think about "Public Housing". Consider it a multilevel pasture for the cattle that are fed until it's election time and then they are rounded up and herded to the Democrat party ballot box. Zo put a finer point on it than I have ever been able to, and put it in perfect perspective for me. I don't know about you, but it sickens me. The Left look at all those people and do not see individuals or the potential of each one, they just see one huge voting block. They are not even people to them.

Jesus, I should not try to even think about this crap when I'm trying to keep food down. It angers me on a very fundamental level. Because I see how anyone who goes off the Left Plantation is treated. And that is what truly sickens me. Race Traitor, Uncle Tom... and that's just the nice things they say.

So for my readers out there who are new to the Conservative Closet and to the ones thinking about coming out of it let me ask you the Sarah Palin question. How's that whole hopey changey thing working out for you?

Think about it. Really think about it and then think about who comes begging for you vote with promises of a better life through entitlement programs and what a victim you are because the Republicans aren't stealing enough from their friends to give to you.

Remember this one thing. They will never steal anything from you that you aren't willing to give up to them. You can take it all back. You can take the shackles off your minds. And they will hate you for it. But you will love you for it.

The grass is really greener on this side of the fence.

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Quinten said...

The sad part is, the people you are speaking about, will continue to depend on the government because that is all they know how to do. They cannot better themselves or their livelihoods because if they do, (i.e open their minds), they lose all that they have known, all their dependency on the government.

What happens next, is that we get stuck with people that are not able to do for themselves, and we are hampered because we will have to work harder to take up the slack.

Is it right or wrong? I don't know the answer to that. Those people, the "Ballot Cattle", will never really stand up for themselves and make an effort to DO it on their own. They can't and won't.

They are the example of what socialism is. They don't produce and only consume. They are kept in that state, which is "Dumb and Lazy", by Progressive Liberals (which is just a Euphemism of the word "Socialist").