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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ZOMG! It's No Longer Illegal To Be Illegal!

At least according to the Federal Court judge, appointed by Clinton, if memory serves. She has decided to be an activist judge, and appears to be scandalized that the state would want to rack up a Federal Bill for processing the illegals.


And how many unf$ckingfunded mandates do the states have to bear now?

Is this part of the Fundamental Transformation that Obama promised? He and Eric Holder whined and puled about how racist the Arizona law is. And yet, they did not cite one instance of racism or discriminatory statutes. Really? I think they have shown, admirably, that racism is just something that politicians throw out there when they know they are wrong.

Evidently in Progressive Liberalism you don't have to prove your argument, you just throw mud up on the wall, and then don't even care if it sticks. I get the sneaking suspicion that they would be shocked to their foundations if anything ever actually stuck. To be honest, I don't know if they would know what to do next? They are so used to screaming and throwing tantrums to get their way that they wouldn't know what to do afterward. All they really know is screaming and crying.

I have to pull my wallet out dozens of times each week. If I dare to write a check or use my credit cards. If I get pulled over by the police and don't have my driver's license with me, I can be taken to jail, if it so pleases the officer who stopped me. I have to have ID and proof of insurance to go to my doctor, have any medical tests run or donate blood. I have to have ID and proof of insurance to get my car inspected, get the registration tags and get the oil changed. Yes, I have been asked to leave my insurance card in the center console when I got new tires last year.

God forbid you actually have to show ID when you get pulled over in Arizona. Well, at least the Immaculated One forbid.

You could not ask a person for their "papers" unless you had probably cause to believe that they were in the country illegally. In other words, you stop a guy for speeding outside Yuma, AZ. The driver speaks broken, bad English... he has no driver's license, no proof of auto insurance, no registration for the vehicle and has several others in the car with him who have no ID then it's a huge freaking clue that the people within that vehicle are most likely in this country illegally.

Now, a person who has a green card, and a person who has applied for residency status must, by federal mandate, carry their papers with them at all times or they can be immediately deported. This is immigration law. If you are stopped and do not have these papers and L'immigra finds out about it, your petition for residency status can, and has been denied. So most people who are here legally, will always have their identification documents with them at all times.

Now, you would figure that most people coming over the southern border would be Mexican. You would be right. However, in the past few years there has been a rise in the OTMs (Other Than Mexican) being caught crossing the border along with their brown skinned brethren. These folks are coming mainly from Pakistan and Yemen, hot beds for fundamental islamofascists. It IS and will remain to be a national security concern. For those of the Obama persuasion, National Security is something you people completely ignore in the hopes that the threat will go away.

This case will be taken to the Supreme Court, you can guarantee it. Then they can go after Vermont and New Hampshire who have similar laws to Arizonas. But they only catch Canadians, so no one cares if they are offended. Not a lot of them vote illegally in our elections anyway.

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