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Sunday, July 25, 2010

What does It Mean When They Say...?

Someone was intrepid enough to read back posts and evidently got as far back as my primer on how to interpret Progressive Liberal into Reality. Yes, it's daunting, but once you get past the double-think, double-speak, innuendo, tacit understanding, and euphemisms, it's easy! Anyway, they emailed and asked me some interesting questions about some things they had seen and/or heard in the Mainstream Media that had them pondering what possible meaning they could glean.

First off, if it's anything by Keith Olbermann, once you get past the spittle and the froth, you find he really is a blithering idiot without one iota of understanding what goes on in the real world. Nothing he says is rational or sane, so just ignore him. The ONLY reason people tune in to MSNBC anymore is to laugh at him and Little Chris Matthews. I believe it's a drinking game in college frats.

Secondly, the left qualify everything they say because they are terrified of being understood. Yes, as we strive for clarity, they are hiding everything behind the usual liberal speak because they don't want you to really understand what they are saying. You can ask my arch-enemies, I will make them say it, make them say it out loud and understand what they are saying. You may ask them when they're having a good day at The Home and the meds are flowing freely. According to Freud, an Id is a terrible thing to waste. It's not my problem that they built their entire self-image at the price of the truth and reality. I just make them face it. Always make the libs face it, make them speak it out loud. Then say, quietly, as they try to put back the pieces of their wrecked psyche, "It's always funny hearing ridiculous things spoken aloud, don't you think?" Go all Lucy Honeychurch on them. If you don't get that reference, you need to read more early 20th century English lit.

Last, but hardly least, make sure you have an audience of witnesses willing to watch someone make a complete cake of themselves trying to hide behind euphemisms. Offer them free drinks or something, because the entertainment value is pretty high.

Just remember, the most important lesson. When they are speaking, what they are saying are lies. That's really all you need to know. Just ask Ezra Klein. If you don't get that reference, get the hell off my blog!

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