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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And Now For My Impression of Mt. Aetna

Uhm, so OK, it's been a busy few days with all of the crap flowing out of DC and me without a plunger.

First off, I am one more unfunded governmental regulation and/or mandate away from going all Texas Cheerleader on Washington DC and the peurile, sneaky shitholes that sit in their chairs and pretend to "govern". I can't say anything more revealing or vitriolic about the new Financial Regulation or "Consumer's Rights Bill" than has already been spewed. Nuf Sed.

Secondly, if you are asking yourself, "WTF is Texas Cheerleader?" If you have never met the viper known as the Texas Cheerleader, then you have obviously never been in civil combat with a female so cunning and murderous. However, the big smile and cheery disposition are her true disguise. Think Sookie Stackhouse on uppers. I was a Texas Cheerleader and they scare the living hell out of me. You never know when to expect that knife in your back because you're mesmerized by the smile. It's usually right after she says, "Well, bless your heart!"

Folks, I am pissed off. I am angry and when I get to this point I usually usurp something. It could be the kid's Big Wheel next door or it could be a small island country no one has ever heard of, but I will take someone to school on the short bus and it will hurt. Let's consider this the Liberal Left's Ulitmate "Teachable Moment".

Now, for those of you who don't me personally, I recently demanded my oldest daughter, aged 20, leave the nest. While everyone around me agreed it needed to be done, no one was really happy about it. Why? Because if I do it to her, who else is next? My youngest daughter went to Houston with her sister in a show of very Un-Little Sister-like solidarity. I think she's trying to keep her head down in the event I find a way to get a 16 year old out of my house, legally. I feel no guilt, no remorse for making her make this move. Every little bird has to leave the nest and fly on their own. She failed to launch, so I launched her myself.

On that note, here is the cure for the US of A. First, abolish the Income Tax. Then get rid of every single entitlement program out there, outlaw government funded welfare out there, fire all the bureaucrats who do nothing but make useless regulations, get rid of most of the federal agencies and bureaucracies, abolish public education, and then enact a VAT of 8.25% across the board. Everybody pays.

Now, here I'm going to repeat my Sunday blog. Untie benefits like insurance from the employer. Make insurance available across state lines, abolish the idea of a 40 hour work week and make all jobs salaried or hourly. You get to keep your whole paycheck, so you do your work and go home. The stupidly constructed idea of 8 hours a day, forced on clock milkers has got to go. If you don't have to be a full time employee to receive benefits, then you can and will do your work and go home. If you are hourly, you will find that you aren't working as many hours and getting all of your work done earlier, then having more money and more leisure time. If quotas go up at work, then you work more hours, but when work tapers off, you're not forced to find "make work" to justify your 40 hours.

Is anyone feeling me here?

Jesus freakin Palamino, people! How hard is it to do? If one person writes me and says, "You hate the poor, blacks, hispanics, babies, old ladies and kick puppies for fun" know now that I will find you and remove your head. You're not using it, so I doubt you will miss it.

If you are too lazy to work, I should not have to pay you to sit at home and drink beer or have babies you can't afford to feed. If you are too stupid to save for your retirement because someone told you that you could retire at 65, and live forever after that, then screw you, hippy. I hope you break a hip and spend forever in a hospital bed. Still wanna live forever?

If you feel that you are entitled to do nothing but sit around and squirt out kids while collecting the millions of dollars thrown at you and your spawn yearly, do ahead. But the money spigot is shut off. And, with no public education, they won't be in "daycare" at age four anymore. I know, you'd work if you could. Well, now you have to, so get to work, bitch.

Your job is nothing more than a paycheck, you should get to keep all of it, invest it where you see fit and buy whatever insurance YOU want, not whatever your employer is willing to foist on you. If you are more productive, you get more money to invest in your future, not someone's entitlement program or baby.

I am so angry at the Administration right now that I could seriously start taking names. They're so busy kicking their own asses, I could just skip that step.

Get on the Clue Train, honey. Sev is gonna take you for a ride and your eyes will open. Even if it's Clockwork Orange open.

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