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Saturday, July 17, 2010


My husband found a huge box of old CDs whilst cleaning our garage so that I may park my new bike comfortably and it shall stay out of inclement weather. So, after checking to make sure I didn't already have my "fair use" back up copy, I began ripping the CDs, after tagging and applying cover at to files. It's blindingly tedious work, but after my job lately, I'm used to it. Besides, it's fun to look at CDs and wonder WTF you were thinking when you bought it. Geri Hallowell? Really, Sev. WTF emotional shootout were you in to have bought that steaming pile of crap?

Ah, the 90s were a heady decade for music and I was drawn to grunge and alternative like a fat kid to chocolate pudding. I was in love with Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. Fortunately I have grown beyond that... or did the moment I clapped eyes on Karl Urban...

And then I started listening to some old Soundgarden and it hit me... even libs sing about conservative values without even realizing it... as is evidenced in Superunknown.

If this isn't what you see
It doesn't make you blind
If this doesn't make you feel
It doesn't mean you've died
Where the river's high
Where the river's high

If you don't want to be seen
You don't have to hide
If you don't want to believe
You don't have to try
To feel alive

Alive in the superunknown
First it steals your mind
And then it steals your soul

If this doesn't make you free
It doesn't mean you're tied
If this doesn't take you down
It doesn't mean you're high
If this doesn't make you smile
You don't have to cry
If this isn't making sense
It doesn't make it lies

Alive in the superunknown
First it steals your mind
And then it steals your soul

Get yourself afraid
Get yourself alone
Get yourself contained
Get yourself control

Alive in the superunknown

First it steals your mind
And then it steals your... soul

See, this is the thing... Libs always want there to be a deeper meaning, they are always searching for other meaning than that which is stated, because that's the way they think and speak. Remember my lesson on Progressive Liberal vocabulary. They have absolutely no concept of a cigar just being a cigar, because if they accept that A is A in one concept and then it will spill over into other concepts and before you know it their Id is completely gone because they've toppled their own house of poorly placed cards and no longer able to hide from themselves what they really mean. It's why they make all of those morally ambiguous, gray areas to excuse their behavior.

It's like I've been saying for over a decade, I can like the music, doesn't mean I have to approve the words, lyrics or message. To be perfectly honest, I usually re-write the words into a message approved by me, making fun of the artist and sing it that way. Fair use, RIAA. It's called parody and I can do it all I want.

And on that note, the looters of the RIAA and MPAA have learned a hard and expensive lesson. In three years they spent over $64 million to collect a grand total of $1.3 million in judgments. Definitely a looter mentality. When you can't force them to buy your crappy, inferior product, sue them and spend more doing it than you take in. And we wonder why kids want to become lawyers.

If this isn't making sense doesn't make it lies. BFG on that one.

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