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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chris Matthews Loses All Feeling In His Legs. More at 11

Obama Administration begins throwing its useful idiots under the bus, beginning with Julian Assange.

Hey, he has ass in his name. Begin the Beavis and Butthead puerile remarks now.

I wonder if Keith Olbermann has wet his pants yet.

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Sandi L said...

Hi Angela, I came across your post on Breitbart's site and saw that your last name is Richter..that is my maiden name.. so naturally I had to check out your profile. I have to tell ya, I loved reading your blog, so much so that I went all the way back to your 2006 entries and am still reading...and it seems to me that not only do we share a name but you must be my long lost soulsista twin lol..your views on everything from motherhood to politics had me laughing my ass off tonite and I just had to thank you for providing me with some much needed laughter.

sunkisd_2000 on twitter