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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy Time

It seems that the spousal unit and I have been busier than normal during the normal siesta prone, hot, summer months that we like to call HELL, in Texas. Funny that one can move at all in such heat. We're busy, just not out in the gardens or yard. It's all about work. Not surprisingly, we're both happy as clams.

Usually work is boring and neither of us can wait to get home to our projects, but lately, work has been busy and we're productive. This makes us happy. This also makes us enemies in the minds of Progressive Liberals.

You're enslaved! You're happy in your chains! The man is exploiting you!

Sugar, let me let you in on a tightly held secret. People like to work and be busy. If you don't, please go lie in a ditch somewhere. Preferably one full of some flammable liquid and a smoking man nearby.

I'm about as exploited as Paris Hilton. I know exactly what I am doing, and it makes me happy to be doing it. And, the upside is... and I want you libs to take note of this for future reference, I am being paid to do what makes me happy. So, exactly who is being exploited now? Neither the people who pay me or myself. We are very happy with our arrangement and shall continue on in this manner until it is no longer beneficial for us.

How on earth can I live without being someone's victim? Woe is me, who cannot blam anyone but myself for any unhappiness I may experience. Dear God In Heaven, how will the libs survive without me pissing and moaning about my awful job and how I hate doing it? Why, I should be paid just for breathing the air and live off the public dole teat and complain about people who actually do work and keep me in a better lifestyle than I deserve. How can I survive without whining and moaning about how put upon I am for being born and not being supported in the manner of an Arab sheik just because I exist? It's the duty of everyone who produces wealth to pay me for being alive because I don't feel like working.

But then again, how could I ever hold my head up, look myself in the mirror, or anyone else in the eye again if I just abdicated all responsibility for my existence and expected everyone else to support my lazy ass? And by virtue of earning a paycheck I have the right to go to TEA Parties and join folk online in bitching about how we're paying too many taxes for things that should not be (like Nancy Legosi for just one). I like bitching about paying too many taxes, because that means that I have an income for the looters to rob. Not for long, if I have my way.

I'm seriously making the entire country of France a Commie Zone and packing all libs into the country, or, stranding them all on Cuba. Once a lib is identified they will immediately be sent to their own kind and they can live in the Marxist Utopia there without any interference or aid from the outside world. We'll be too busy living in a free market society to care about those who hold no currency in the real world.

Wait... I may be on to something here...

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