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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Perhaps I think better when I'm sleep deprived, I don't know. I've been getting better sleep recently, deep sleep, but I still haven't caught up with my deficit. So I am finally sleeping, but really hard, as in comatose.

I'm pissed about the Israeli deal. No one has answered my question yet as to what relief supplies were actually on that boat? I mean, besides the thugs, pipes and guns. I admire the Israelis. No one messes around with those people and draws back a whole limb. When someone pokes them with a sharp stick, they take off both of their hands so that it never happens again. Which is why the Islamic fascist terrorist who want them eradicated, keep finding more useful idiots to keep poking at them.

Fascists and Progressive Liberals have a lot in common, which is why I giggle when they call me a Nazi. It's the same reflex that makes me giggle when they call me a tea bagger. I've played Halo so I know that it's really just a way of them telling me I've PWND them. I can appreciate the irony.

I like Jame's O'Keefe's style. They peg him for "illegally entering a federal office on false pretenses". WTF? Is that liberal speak for "trying to expose Mary Landreau for the lying bitch she is"? That's the vie I get. But the census bureau stuff over at Big Government is fantastic. He and Shaughn Adeleye really hit the nail on the head in their videos. Waste our money? Not with James and Shaughn around. Keep up the good work, both of you. Oh yeah, and bonus round? James wanted Shaughn on the GMA bit he did with George Staphanopolous but GMA wanted Breitbart because Georgie boy knew he was going to bring up the racist thing and it would not have gone down with any bit of credibility with Shaughn sitting next to James.

I'm still trying to find a kind way to say "Die in a fire, you cankerous whore!" when I confront Nancy Pelosi on the separation of Church and State crap. Does she really think he botox injections give her the right to tell American Bishops what they should be preaching from the pulpit?

I am often asked why I don't comment on Waco politics and the Waco Tea Party. Uhm... I'm not involved in either? Why? Because I have no interest in Waco politics or even my local politics. As far as the Tea Party goes? I have yet to hear anything new from them since April of 2009. I know they had a rally here at Heritage Square on Tax Day, but nothing since. They seem to have some organizational things that I don't wish to interfere with if I can help it.

I have heard the rumor that I should be taxed on any food I grow in my backyard gardens. Granted, this year I am growing no food plants, but you can eat some of the flowers in my garden. Many flowers are edible. So, should people who like to landscape be taxed further because you may be able to eat some of what they grow?

Oh, wait until you get a load of Chapter 5 of my book. I will put some points here tomorrow and I would love to hear comments. This is the chapter of my overhaul of the educational system here in America. Plenty of children left behind, but only if they want it that way. I expect my views on this one subject to be blown out of proportion completely by anyone in the school district where I live.

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