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Friday, June 04, 2010

Stubborn Unemployment

On Morning Joe, some idiot in the administration said that "This is unemployment situation is just stubborn, and we can't figure out why."

Really, Mr. Moron? Government jobs do NOT help the economy in anything but the least effective stop-gap measure imaginable, and with the new information coming out about the Census debacle, the US Congress is about to get a serious Liberal Enema followed quickly by a quick infusion of Conservative sense.

Come on, unemployment is stubborn because the biggest employers in the nation, small business, refuse to hire new people in this current economy. Which, by the way, Obama says is getting stronger everyday. In the words of Bugs Bunny, what a maroon.

We are close. We so damned close to the end. I had to counsel one guy, who appeared to be running off the rails this morning, to remain patient. We have to allow the progressive agenda to play to the end. We cannot skip to the end because then there will always be saps who think they can make it work... this time. Once it has played to its last gasp, then we can stand and say "See? This is what we've been warning you about. And, all of your cries that this wasn't what you meant, this wasn't what you wanted will be ignored, because you were warned. Now get the hell out of our way."

Now, if the damned small business owners would just realize that Momma Gubmint has all of our best interest at heart and just start hiring people they can't afford... and stop being stubborn...

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