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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Have Now, Officially, Heard It All


I was watching the news in between World Cup matches and lo and behold, some faggot nanny-government ass-wipe was on Fox News telling me that McDonalds is criminal in advertising Happy Meals to children.

Uh, excuse me, you fucktarded asshat, but Happy Meals are made for kids and thus include toys and they have healthy, nutritional things like apple slices and milk with the chicken nugget meal. And, no, you do not have to especially ask for it where I live. Die in a fire. A really hot one. I hate you people with the heat of 1000 suns.

I don't need some asshole telling me how to eat or feed my kids. It's up to me what they eat, and the responsibility for their nutritional well-being lies on my head. I don't want any panty-waisted pussies telling me how to raise my kids or what to feed them. Fuck you very much. The day I need the likes of you to tell me how to do any one thing on the face of this earth is the day I hang it up and go live on Pluto.

You guys want to be useful? Go bludgeon each other to death. I suggest hitting in the area of the head and shoulders. It's not like you actually use anything up that way. Stay the hell away from me and the rest of the reasonable people on this planet. You don't ever tell me what to feed my kid, or I swear to God I will send all four of them to live with you and then you can decide what and how to feed them on my grocery budget. The oldest three are adults, so yeah, force green beans and broccoli down their throats. Let me know how that goes, yeah?

You cannot sue a company for selling what the public is buying, you stupid fuck. The market will decide. That's why you people stay behind things like the words "project", "organization" and "foundation". Because you think we won't figure we can meet you out in the parking lot and bash in your stupid fucking heads with bats to shut you the hell up. Anyone as stupid as you certainly cannot be considered a sentient being and therefore it would not be murder any more than stepping on a roach is murder. You're just as mindless and hide from the light of truth. I see many parallels.

Hands off my kids' Happy Meals, Skippy. I swear it's GOT to be Liberal Hunting Season... no bag limit, right?


M.G. said...

IIRC some county in California helped start this nonsense by outlawing the toys in Happy Meals. What a bunch of f**king morons! When our 7 year-old daughter asks for a Happy Meal (or its equivalent elsewhere), we make sure it's not all carbs and/or fat. She's happy with apple slices instead of fries, and for a treat she can have chocolate milk. She's one of the healthiest eaters I know, because she constantly asks us, "Is this healthy for me?" Yes, sometimes we give her cake, ice cream, etc., but only when it's appropriate!
My point is that we, the parents, control what she eats! I sure as hell don't need the f**cking GOVERNMENT doing it, when they can't even secure the borders!

Xylog said...

OMG Sev, you do realize that it's gonna get worse until people wake up & fight this crap eh? :)

"You cannot sue a company for selling what the public is buying, you stupid fuck. The market will decide."

Cigarette Companies.

They are not banning Smoking, drinking, eating, they are banning ... happiness. They are just getting started.