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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Gulf Oil Spill... Who Is Really At Fault?

While the pundits and half-wits across the lame stream media and blogosphere try to pin the blame tail on some jack ass, everyone is ignoring the 900 pound gorilla in the room.

GreenPeace and The Sierra Club sit smirking while their eco-terrorist Useful Idiots scream and throw feces at each other. They are the reason oil companies are drilling so far out. Because they can't drill on land or closer to shore. These freaks of nature have co-opted the EPA to make sure of it while they cram flex fueled cars and bio-fuels that ruin more car parts than Detroit can produce down our throats.

Think of all of the brush fires in California and all over the Great Western Forests. Why? Because The Sierra Club and GreenPeace scream like three year olds denied ice cream if the Forest Service wants to clean up brush to prevent the fires... then the fires happen to provide Mother Nature's house cleaning and the Eco-Schmucks scream and cry about how it's all our fault.

What we need is something like the Vogon system to keep them from thinking or being original... every time they open their putrid mouths they need to be smacked. And hard. Every time they try to protest they should be shot with Bean Bag Guns until they have bruises on bruises. Then they need to be abandoned in the woods with the bears and wolves and deer and elk.

Yeah. I think I've got a new reality TV show I'd watch!

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