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Monday, June 28, 2010

Schools, Not Day Care Centers

Recently, when due to the failing economy, many school districts had to face massive budget buts, some decided to hold school 4 days a week, saving them millions. Of course, my first reaction was, cut it to zero days a week and think of the billions you would save!

The first retort I heard was a snort and then 'how like a man"... I asked the snarkster to feel again, because my gynecologist assures me I'm a woman. So are the children to whom I have given life. Children, I might add, that I would have preferred to home school rather than send them into those bastions of unique snowflake thought that is the public school system.

A few months ago, when I began actually putting words on paper for my book, Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute put a bug in my ear with an offhand comment in a debate about how abolishing public schools would enhance individuals and their lives and pocket books. A spark quickly grew into a fire that is now in blast furnace of "Throw The Teachers Out!".

Anyway, when the school districts in some area were talking about cutting back to four days a week, parents were outraged. Who will watch their child that one day they are not in school? I dunno Barbie and Ken... surely you can afford a sitter or Day Care? What do they do, waiting for you to come home from your jobs? Are you twits really thinking that public schooling is really just free day care? Tell me what you paid in school taxes last year. Tell me what you paid for school supplies, clothes, lunches, breakfasts, pens, paper, ink, this party, that party, this must have item, that doodad, nickle and DIMED to DEATH? If you didn't have to pay for all of that, could one of you idiots afford to stay home and teach Junior something or are you both too freakin stupid to remember anything you learned in school, or were perhaps never taught at your "day care centers" so the thought of actually having to learn along with your kids is paralyzing? How about you then take that money you saved and put Junior in a private or parochial school? OMG! He might actually learn something or some values? Dear God in Heaven, how can this be? Or maybe you're a little learned and would only have to hire a math tutor or science tutor?

Jesus Palamino, people. Please take your head in both hands and gently remove it from your asses. You are allowing other people to teach your children THEIR values, and perhaps even the WRONG history of this country. Do you care?

Guess not. At least you don't have to miss work because Junior is in "day care".

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