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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yo! Che!

I know that I spent my early adult years wondering at Che Guevara images. Like Evita? I didn't get it. As far as I knew and could tell from the scant information out back in the early 80s, the guy was a mass-murdering shit head. But that's me. Progressive liberals really seem to get off to folks like Che, Mao and Pol Pot. As Eddie Izzard said, we don't really get mad until you kill other people, outside your own country. Kill one hundred people and we're all, "hmmm, well, they must be dissidents!" but kill a million and it stops a progressive right in their tracks because they are stuck between what they know is right and what they should say is right, and it comes out as "Well done. Well done, indeed. A million people? Really? How extraordinary."

The reason I bring this up is that I never think about Cuba. I'm sorry, I'm a Texan and we have our own Spanisn speakers to worry about without taking on mass-murdering shit heads like Castro and Che. This morning as I was perusing the intarwebs for more information on the supposed capture of Mullah Omar and found an interesting video on PJTV. Dr Helen talks to some Cuba ex-pats who are heavily into getting word out of Cuba via the blogosphere. Babalublog is an attempt by some good American guys who wish to reclaim their homeland back from socialist thugs. They really touched on some pionts that I had never considered, especially on the sanctions that are in place against Cuba and whether or not they help. Watch the video and listen to what these guys have to say. They know the trenches.

Anyway, back to the useful idiots going around wearing Che t-shirts. Did you morons ever realize that you are proving my point about what self-hating turds you are rather than proving me wrong? Che would be the first in line to send you to a re-education camp, baby. And trust me, you would have a new hole in your head the before the words "freedom of expression" left your progressive liberal mouth. What? It's not like they shot anything you've ever used. Che hated the folks that now wear his image to show how "morally superior" they are, rather than the self-loathing, inferior asshats we all know them to be. Da, paminyatchik?

You know, I giggle thinking that would be the ONE time I would stand in line to sign up to be a socialist, if only to shoot one of those freaks for being what they are. I know, I know, it's wrong, but I do fantasize about it... that and wearing a leather catsuit a la Emma Peel of The Avengers TV show. I could so be Diana Rigg. Or better yet, Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld movies. Damn, that's smokin' a Cuban cigar hand rolled on the thigh of a virgin.

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