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Monday, May 10, 2010

Kommisar Sunstein

Just who the hell is Cass Sunstein? Ombama loylalist? Left-wing nut case? for the past 5 months, since his Czarship, his worship was enacted into office by Barry, I mean, Barak Obama, we have been debating a philosophical paper he wrote in 2008. Evidently, Pope Sunstein wants the government in control of all the intarwebs and blogs and make places like Andrew Breitbart's BigWhatevers sites, VodkaPundit, et al. yesterday's news. Not only is he against dissent, unless it's left-wing hippy dissent, he wants to make sure that all conspiracy theorists are shut down... and I quote, "even if they are right."

You can look up Cass Sunstein on Google. Please do. This guy has a paper trail miles long. It will show you that the FCC, Obama's speech today about how the XBox is ruining society and how he hates the iPad, and Mr. Sunstein are very carefully leading the kool-aid drinkers right into the "this is what you will think" tank. As long as government runs the internet, where most people get their information, they control the information, they control the power. Information is power.

This is dangerous ground. I may not like what the progressive hacks write, but they have the right to produce that crap. the market will decide whether or not they are on the right track. You can only lie to the public for so long before the pitchforks and torches come out.

Sunstein is an Alinski adherent so most of his paper hit on those points on how to pull the wool over the moron's eyes while screaming down the people who do notice as racist haters who kill kittens. Hey, I only skimmed his book but it was all basically the same thing... work like a magician, distract and present the magic! I'll have a chapter just for Cass in my new book, The Liberal Lie - How to Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid.

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