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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who The Hell Are You?

I get asked this question a lot more than you would think. Usually with the person asking having a very nasty, mean look on their face. So, in the interest of my In-Box, I think I should answer this question here.

I am Angela Richter, AKA Severine Wolfe on the web and in nearly every MMO I've ever played. I'm a girl geek, gamer, knitter, gardener, housewife and mother. And yet, I am so much more. Just like you... ya know. None of us is one dimensional. I'm going to guess I've parsed that last sentence correctly. Stupid English language rules that you don't follow.

Anyhoo, while I was sitting here knitting a lace headband and thinking about my garden and the huge spider that was on my comforter after I brought it in from the clothesline, I got to thinking that there are very few people I know who are defined by any one thing they do. Then I remarked to myself how often it is that people pigeonhole themselves into one box, one event in their lives and it totally defines who they are. Take away that one thing and they are nothing. Kind of like taking sick away from my mother and I'm pretty sure she'd *poof* from existence.

I refuse to let any one thing about my life define who I am. I am glad I finally figured out that most of my friends tend to be the same way. I guess I lucked out in the friend department. It's what I get for being picky I guess.

Now, my challenge to you is for you to think of all of the things that you do that make you YOU instead of Sean Penn. Think about it.

Tomorrow you will know my mind in full on the ICCC 2010 that ended this afternoon and Lord Monckton's address to the assembly. It's funny that he loves our country more than the people running it.

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