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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Week for Sev

Sorry about no post about the ICCC 2010 but Wednesday was my last class before taking a sabbatical and I had many things to do, and I got none of my usual madness done at all. So, on to the conclusions on the conference. Also, all of the videos from the conference are available to subscribers at PJTV

All in all it was a wonderful conference. They had invited several scientists of the alarmist flavor and none came, knowing they could not withstand a full frontal assault on their faulty science. Several middle of the road scientists who do believe in Global Warming were invited, two accepted. Of them, I think that Scott Denning from CIRA was the best spokesman for trying to find... wait for it... the truth. He said that politics had no place in science and that science needs to stick to fact and not policy whims. Bravo Mr. Denning. I've read some of his work, glanced at it in much the way that Janey Napolitano has glanced over the immigration bill that the state she formerly governed passed recently. So I am familiar with his work, just not steeped in it. He seems to be a level headed guy and may lose his peer review due to his remarks at the conference. Loved his remarks.

Dr. Roy Spencer gave a nice speech on clouds and how they drive the weather machine. Remember cosmic rays (The Sun) > Clouds > Climate. Right now we are in a solar minimum, which means that temperatures are lower because the sun is less active. Correlation? WOW! Can climate really be that simple? Can climate be something we absolutely have no control over? Let's see the liberals contort and implode trying to wrap their brains around that. He did bring up a good point about collecting data for cloud researchers that I had not previously given any thought to, and that was the Cloud Feedback. He is currently measuring the end of the El Nino Effect this cycle.

You will notice that I am keeping this very general. If I got into the nuts and bolts of it we would all be in a coma.

The best address was the final one, by The Viscount Monckley of Brenchley, Christopher Monckton who is one of the most gracious people it's been my pleasure to correspond with. He uses his usual humor, sarcasm, and irony to take the numbers of the Alarmists and use it against them to devastating effect. he's still gunning for Al Gore, and I wish him luck. The man is a shyster snake oil salesman who doesn't have the courage of the convictions he's trying to ram down our throats to keep us all in some medieval renfest.

I really do urge you to go over to PJTV and subscribe. No, I don't get a dime and I'm not really selling anything other than good information. The entire conference is there to watch at your leisure. Some of it is dry and boring as hell, but I learned a lot. I learned that I am not the only scientist to be disgusted at its current state. If up to the progressive liberals we would be nothing more that 15th century alchemists.

So go and watch, enjoy and learn. I am hoping to have the first draft of Chapter One of my new book up sometime this weekend. You guys are my test group. Hey, I'll even acknowledge you!

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