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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

International Climate Change Conference (ICCC) 2010

I am listening to Steve McIntyre's speech to the ICCC yesterday. In the event you don't know, Steve McIntyre is the blogger at the very forefront of presenting evidence of Global Warming's "Hide The Decline" lie. His blog is a layman, amateur scientist who was brilliant enough to discover that the data was all wrong and decried the Hockey Stick.

He goes through the time line of IPCC swallowing the hockey stick graph bullshit with a smile and totally unquestioning when many scientists brought up problems with the data. You can watch the ICCC over at PJTV. I strongly urge you to become a member, the $5 a month is well worth the information you get there.

Towards the end of his address he made a point that stayed in my mind and I'll be honest, I didn't quite hear what he said after because my mind was so turned up by it. It's the point I've been trying to make since the mid-1990's.

The public will no longer believe science as being unswayed by fads or zealotry. They will now see scientists as being paid-for mouth pieces of politics. This is what breaks my heart. It's what drove me from the field back in the 90s when I saw that geneticists saw a political agenda (stem cell research) that they could push with their pseudo-science. And folks, that is just what Global Warming is. It's made up by a politician to get around striking coal miners. Buy a freaking clue you hippie types.

I grew up believing that scientists were the greatest heroes of all time because they sought one thing, the truth. The truth of the atom, the truth of our bodies, the truth in the world around us. And not one scientist could bring his ideas as proof unless and until the results he or she achieved were reproducible by ANYONE. No one could opine that the world was getting warmer and present it as fact and demand that WE give up our lives and technology so they could push ahead an agenda that hates man and holds the snail darter as the moral ideal.

Global Warming adherents hate themselves and the rest of mankind. They want to push us all back to the middle ages in some kind of world-wide RenFest. They hate the technology which allows them the freedoms they would deny everyone else.

Think about it. Think about it hard. Then go out and belt anyone screaming about the end of the world because you drive a car.

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